Unsold Clips: 2019

After the absolute car crash of 2018, (ok it wasn’t that bad, but I had A LOT of unsold clips that year!) 2019 looks a little healthier. The fact is, you can’t please everybody, and sometimes, the content you put out just isn’t going to tickle anybody’s pickle. It’s not because you’ve made a bad clip, or you’re terrible at your job – there are a lot of reasons why a clip might not sell. This is why looking at your stats is so important – it can help you streamline your operation and focus your time and energy where it’s going to bring you the biggest rewards!

So, let’s have a look at my unsold clips from 2019; a year where I was balls deep in my therapist training, starting to see my first therapy clients, and worrying about Brexit on an alarmingly regular basis…

Booted Blackmail
Hurt You
Bratty Humiliation
Custom Request – Making My New Boots Muddy
Suck It
If you Wanna Be My Lover
First Time Findom
Fed from My Feet
Heatwave: Sissy Spanking
Showering in Tights
Wash My Feet & Drink the Water
Heatwave: Suck Cock for Us

Ok, fifteen clips. That’s a huge improvement on the shit show of 2018’s twenty-eight! As I mentioned in the analysis of 2018’s Unsold Clips, titles stick out to me here: some of those titles give away absolutely nothing as to the content of the video. Noted! Also, at least two of those are custom requests – so they technically sold to the people who ordered them, before I uploaded them for general sale.

I don’t really have much of an explanation as to why these clips didn’t sell – some of them are a complete departure from my core 4, and some I have just plonked in categories that are very very busy, as there wasn’t a category that accurately fitted the content of the clip in question. For instance, there is a forced bi clip in that list – the word “forced” is banned on most platforms, (although, there are some “forced” categories on C4S, Forced Bi is not one of them!) – so I just plonked it in Femdom, which is a huuuuge category. It probably got swallowed up (just like the guy’s dick, hahaha) and wasn’t seen by anyone!

And, as I said before – sometimes, you just aren’t everyone’s cup of tea. And that’s ok. Some will, some won’t, so what, move on. We don’t all get it right, all of the time. Sometimes, the clips I have put the most effort, time and resources into never sell, and the ones I think are not so good, or complete shit, sell way more than I ever expected them to! The key thing is to keep a close eye on your stats and adjust accordingly. Sex workers, content creators – we are nothing if not resilient and adaptable, and being willing to roll with the punches and adjust to your sales trends will put you in a really good position moving forward.

I hope these posts have been useful! I certainly found it interesting to go through and analyse what’s been going on in my clip store. I will post 2020’s unsold clips at the end of January 2021, once I’ve had a chance to look through the stats. And thanks to everyone who’s bought clips off the back of these posts – if I can bring down the numbers of unsold clips a little, I’ll be happy!

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