The Delights of Dogging

An interesting subject, and something that has seemingly become part of British sub-culture – of course I’m talking about dogging! I want to talk about the time I accidentally went dogging – and I may also mention the times I did it on purpose

I remember becoming aware of dogging (for the uninformed – sex in cars/carparks, observed by others, often “dog walkers” – hence the name!) for the first time when I was a teenager. Some Z-list celebrity (I can’t remember who, probably a footballer) had been caught with his pants down in a car park whilst walking his dog, and, as these things do amongst hormone-riddled teens, it blew up and became a topic of conversation around school that seemed to go on for EVER. It was in all the tabloids, it was in the lads mags the boys used to bring into school, it was referenced on TV and the radio, and everyone in the pub would talk about it (the internet was in its infancy back then, we were still on dial up and no one had ever heard of a smartphone!).

I was SO curious about it. It fascinated me. I was in my late teens at the time, and starting to discover all things sexual. I had always, always been fascinated by strippers, sex workers, exotic dancers – looking back now, it seemed kind of inevitable that I would end up a sex worker myself one day – but I didn’t know that at the time! At this time, I had a boyfriend, and of course, we were at it like rabbits at any given opportunity. I kinda miss those days – not him, fuck no, he had curtains for fuck’s sake – but the way we used to just fuck for the sake of fucking, the way people only seem to do when they’re younger and sex is all new and exciting.

Anyway, he was a little older than me and soon enough ended up with a car. Having shagged in pretty much every public place we could out in the open locally, we now had the whole world opened up to us (or at least, most of the Hertfordshire countryside!).

I remember one very hot Sunday afternoon we were driving around trying to find a place to bang – all our usual haunts were otherwise occupied – it was a glorious day and people were everywhere. Getting frustrated, we ended up in a car park near a lake that seemed oddly quiet, given the aforementioned warm and sunny August afternoon. We drove to the very end of the car park, which was quite secluded and surrounded by trees on three sides, hopped in the back, and began boning.

Like I said, it was really fucking hot – so we had all the windows rolled down on his shitty ancient Ford Escort cabriolet (I vetoed putting the roof down, I wanted some protection from the elements after all) and the car was rocking – it was obvious that there were people shagging in it. It was sweaty, uncoordinated, and awesome – but after a short while, I looked up and noticed a car had pulled up maybe ten metres behind us, and the occupants were sitting there, just watching. I am pretty sure it was a bunch of lads, maybe a little older than us, who were just driving around in their car, like the newly qualified drivers of this fair nation seem to do as a rite of passage.

I froze and so did my boyfriend – oh my god, we had been caught! SHIT!!! WHAT DO WE DO?!?! We just stayed there frozen in position for a few beats, sweat dripping all over the back seat, wondering what the fuck to do to get out of this with as much dignity intact as possible. The guys in the car were silent – not laughing, or cat calling, just sitting and watching. Admittedly, they couldn’t have seen much of us, but they could definitely discern what we were doing. So, I looked at my bf, decided I didn’t wanna waste his boner, and said “ah fuck it – lets finish this!” And carried on!

It was hot. I was so turned on knowing that people were watching us fucking. Yes, I was inexperienced – but I think that was probably the hottest thing I had done up until that point, and for many years to come! It didn’t last much longer after that, and once the action was quite evidently over, our audience simply reversed out of the car park and drove off. After catching our breath and relocating our clothes, we did the same.

It turned out, that the spot we had decided was a nice secluded place for a secret shag, was actually a very well-known dogging spot – and still is to this very day! After that experience, I forgot about dogging for a good few years until I was in my mid-twenties. A friend of mine randomly brought it up in conversation and said she’d always been curious about it, and so I recalled my story. We decided to drive over to this place where I had had my first dogging experience, just to see what was going on. There were three of us, and we were all talking a big game – yeah, we can just sit and watch, lets just see what’s going on, don’t have to join in – etc. It was quite late and dark, one of those Friday nights where we were bored and too skint to go out. So we rocked up at this place, which was deserted, and just sat there for a bit, smoking cigarettes and listening to music, waiting for the doggers to arrive…

Eventually some cars started to pull up – and we promptly lost our nerve! I don’t know why – we had been so up for just sitting and watching and seeing what went on, but when other cars started turning up, we completely bottled it and I drove off as fast as I could. Maybe it was because we were a bunch of girls and felt unsafe, maybe it was because we were worried about being caught – I don’t know. But we high-tailed it out of there like a bunch of wimps and still laugh about it now, ten years later. Ridiculous right?!

This was maybe six months or so before I became a sex worker. My two friends, who had grown up in a different town to me, knew of another dogging spot local to them that I hadn’t heard of before – and I do remember, wayyyyy back in my early escort days, doing a car meet at this particular dogging hotspot! The poor guy was so nervous, there were cars everywhere full of people fucking – but thankfully it was a cold night and no one was getting out of their cars! I assured him it was fine, like I was some kind of dogging expert – yeah right, the last time I tried I’d run away like a bellend!

And so, after that, I ended up getting into the adult industry, and even shot a couple of dogging scenes right back in my early porn days, up at a particularly notorious spot in Staffordshire. If you’ve followed my antics since back in the day you will be aware of this, if you haven’t, they’re not difficult to find but I’m not going to tell you where to look! Those were always pretty fun, if I’m honest, even if I definitely wouldn’t do it again now – as I mentioned at the start of this blog, I have always been sexually curious, and wanted to try everything that was out there – and I pretty much did!

Lately I’ve been thinking about dogging again – during lockdown I would go for random drives just to get out of the house, and found myself almost unconsciously heading towards the dogging areas I know. There are a lot round where I live, actually, which seems something of a coincidence?! But they were all locked up – it’s not exactly an activity you can do whilst social distancing! I often think it would be fun to take one of my cock-sucking subs along, and have them sucking some random dick for me in a car park. Any takers, please make yourself known via the contact form! I also am a gigantic exhibitionist, so perhaps someday I shall put on some car park performances again – who knows?!

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