Unsold Clips: 2018

2018 was a very weird year for clips. I produced and released loads; however, it was also the year which saw the most unsold clips! I am not too sure why that is – perhaps I just made a load of really crappy clips that year! Or perhaps I made so many, that it was hard to keep up?! I don’t know, but it’s good to have a dig around in my stats and see what’s going on behind the scenes, as it were. It was a very busy year for me personally, as I was in the middle of my therapist training course, so perhaps my focus was elsewhere that year. I will dig into the probable reasons why a little bit further on in this post.

Here is the list of unsold clips from 2018 (I am almost embarrassed by how many there are…!)

Your Little Secret
Tits Rule the World
Boobs in Blue
Shoe Bitch
Custom Request – A Muddy Walk in the Woods
Autonomy – Monthly Slave Task
Sniff, Spend, Stroke, Repeat
Custom Request – Getting My New Boots Muddy
You Can’t Have Us
Boot Worship Tutorial
You Adore As I Ignore
POV Fuck Fantasy
Size Queens
Double Domme Corset Tease
You Are Nothing
A Treat
What Have You Done For Me Lately?
Fishnet Fuckery
Sniff & Edge
Small Dick? Eat Pussy
One Minute Man – Findom Challenge
Blackmail (Fantasy) Payback
Purple Haze
Tits Make You Weak
Double Bubble Butt
The Precipice of Pleasure
Custom Request – Making My Boots Mucky

Twenty-eight. Twenty-bloody-eight unsold clips from 2018! Jesus Christ, I must have been doing something wrong that year! There are three custom clips in the list, which makes me feel a tiny bit better – these would have sold to the original buyer, but no one else purchased them. Even so, twenty-five unsold clips is a lot!

These clips also span across a lot of different categories, so it’s not as if I was hammering a category that just was not selling for me (With the exception of quite a few FinDom ones, however, which I never really sold much of, tbh. I had a separate Financial Domination store, which I merged into my main store in early 2018, so this might explain that particular anomaly!). Although, perhaps that was the problem – I didn’t stick to the categories I was doing well in, and was trying to do a little bit of everything, spreading myself too thin, still finding those categories and niches that I enjoyed AND was succeeding in. My top-selling clips of that year were in the Wellies category, which is one of my core 4 – so perhaps I was trying too hard in other categories that weren’t doing as well for me, or trying to find another niche to settle into – when all I needed to do was focus on that one! I talked about my Wellies clips and why I love them in this blog post here – check it out if you fancy a read!

Titles are important too, and I am very guilty of trying to come up with clever or witty titles that don’t necessarily indicate what the clip is about. When people are looking for their clips, they don’t really give a toss about clever or funny titles – they want to know what they’re getting right from the off. I do try and steer away from ridiculous titles these days, although sometimes I just can’t help myself! But it’s worth bearing in mind.

It’s always helpful to look at where you are not doing so great – which categories and niches aren’t doing so well for you. Some categories are so busy and over-saturated it’s hard to get seen, and as we can see here, you will end up with a lot of unsold content. This is frustrating, when you have put time and effort into creating something that doesn’t even get seen, let alone sell! Use the stats sections of the platforms you use – I know it can look really scary if you’re not used to it, but trust me, it’s such a helpful tool and helps you figure out where to spend your time and energy!

Well, that was 2018 on Clips4Sale for me – bit of a strange one but a lot of insight gained, nonetheless. 2019 can’t be any worse than that…can it?! Stay tuned to find out!

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