Muddy Wellies & the Guys That Love Them

Another day, another blog – and this time I want to talk about Wellies! It may come as a surprise to some that one of my most popular clip categories is Wellies. To be perfectly honest, in the beginning it was a surprise to me too…

I think I shot my first welly clip in around 2014. It was a custom order and the guy wanted me to get my wellies really muddy, then tell him how I wanted him to lick them clean. Simple, straightforward, and harmless. I was used to shoe worship and the like, and making guys lick my high heels clean, but up until that point I had had nothing to do with wellies. I spend a lot of time outside; I love being out in nature, going for walks, walking dogs, horse riding and so on. So, I have had a pair of wellies for as long as I can remember, but they were not an item of fetish wear to my mind back then!

The guy was super happy with his clip, and ordered more; others started to order them too, as I would upload these customs for general sale on my clip store as well. However, I do confess that in the beginning, I was a little annoyed about this. I spent a lot of time and effort hiring dungeons, organizing slaves and camera crew and so on in order to produce the material I thought I was selling lots of, when in actual fact I was selling more of these muddy welly clips. And I mean they were really filthy. I would stomp about in the muck heap, getting them covered in manure; I would wander over to the cow shed and get some of their mess all over my once-shiny Hunters. I even got in the pond and covered them in duck poop once. I have access to a lot of natural filth, but still it grated on me somewhat that the gross stuff was selling and the clean, shiny stuff wasn’t.

Why fight it? Eventually, I decided to lean into it. Clearly it was something that people enjoyed, and enjoyed seeing from me. The more I did so, the more I started to pay  closer attention to what the custom orders were asking for – particular words or phrases, different types of mud and muck (oh yes, there are many different types of mud, and I can spot them a mile off now!) and I realized how much I LOVE this fetish.

I honestly do! There is something very pleasing about seeing a huge muddy puddle and jumping right in it. Tramping around, deliberately making my boots filthy, is a very satisfying activity. I am very in touch with my inner child anyway, and indulge her often; jumping in muddy puddles is SO much fun and getting someone to lick them clean afterwards is even better! (It’s organic, it’s good for you, quit whining and lick them clean!)

 It also gives me a great excuse to hang out with my friends – although I have done a couple of POV clips in this genre, it’s far better when someone else is filming it for me. So I simply hit up one of my friends and ask if they mind filming some muddy stuff for me, in exchange for a day out at a country park or other similar outdoor location. We go off and enjoy nature, feed the birds, have a coffee and a cake or whatever, and I get fresh new muddy boot footage. It’s a win-win situation and my friends are actually very good at filming this type of thing now! I am forever grateful that one some days, “work” means hanging out and having fun with friends, doing things that I love doing.

This is another fetish that can feed into other things quite nicely – for instance, it obviously works very well with my inclination to film out in public (my garden does not yield very good puddles of mud at all). Ballbusting and ball stomping in wellies is particularly enjoyable – the visuals are great and the slave ends up covered in mud – good stuff! Welly humping, which is quite awkward and humiliating, is another offshoot from the main welly fetish, boot domination, boot worship, and so on. It’s a niche category but there’s a lot that you can do within it, which is another reason I enjoy it so much.

My welly boys are some of my most favourite and loyal customers! They always come back and they have excellent ideas for further clips, which I love. I really bounce off other creative types and I love it when our interests collide and complement each other. I have several pairs of country boots and wellies now that have been sent to me and I have got filthy on film, although my favourite pair is the tall, glossy black Hunters. They have seen some action I can tell you! I would like to expand my welly collection this Spring (there is a lot of excellent mud around at the moment!) so if you would like to order your own custom clip send me a new pair, please get in touch!

I am currently making plans for some very cool outdoor welly/muddy clips, once it gets a little warmer –  there may even be something involving waders… so keep an eye out on my clip store! Thanks for reading my blog, and if you enjoyed it please give it a “like” 😀

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