A Weekend of Wellies!

Good news, Welly lovers – this weekend’s clip updates are all about Wellies!

I was gifted a lovely new pair of red, shiny Hunter Wellies, and I have wasted no time in putting them to good use. Friday’s update is their maiden voyage into a massive muddy puddle I found recently – Summer is still clinging on by a thread so we aren’t into true muddy season just yet, but I have high hopes for this Autumn. I went out yesterday for a long ramble and I found a lot more muddy spots, so once the season changes for good, you can expect a lot of muddy mayhem coming to my clip stores.

Saturday’s update is slightly different, but spans across into another category, or Fetish – Food Crushing! I don’t know why I’ve never done this in Wellies before! It’s so much fun. I’ve done food crushing before but not in my wellies, so if this clip does well, then I shall be very happy to produce more. I do enjoy a bit of wanton destruction, and Wellies are perfect for stomping in!

At present I am only releasing two clips a week, although once I’ve replenished my clip backlog, this shall return to three. For the time being, Welly lovers, enjoy! And please, like and follow my blog, follow me on Twitter (I feel my days on there are numbered, but do it anyway!) and also follow me over on TiffanyNaylor.com – you can follow just like Twitter, for free, without having to subscribe. However my subscribers get added benefits, so it’s worth doing! I sell my clips on this platform too (and, keep it to yourself, but I get a better revenue split from this platform, and you also get a better deal on the cost of your clips!)

That’s all for now, stay tuned, stay in touch, and stay safe.

Peace x

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