I Love Bustin’ Balls!

Anyone who has ever met me for longer than five minutes knows that I LOVE ballbusting. I really, truly do! It is my favourite kink and I will never tire of booting someone in the balls as hard as I can. In fact, I enjoy all manner of ball battering – ball stomping, ball squeezing, ball slapping, CBT… but those are subjects I will cover another time.  I wanted to take the time to write a little about how I got into ballbusting, why I enjoy it, and also mention some do’s and don’ts – as hard as it may be to believe, there is a wrong way to kick someone in the balls!

So, how did I get into ballbusting? It’s a very simple story.

I had been working in the adult world for a few months, when a friend of mine suggested that I shoot for a Domme that she knew. “She pays you to kick men in the balls, it’s great!” my friend enthusiastically told me. Having never kicked someone one the balls who WANTED me to do so, I was immediately interested. Yes – I wanted to try some of this!

I had not really had much to do with the BDSM/Femdom world up until that point – I knew of a few fetishes but had never participated in any BDSM activity, work or play, up until that point.

I won’t go into a full rundown of the day but needless to say I thoroughly enjoyed myself. When I first tentatively kicked the guy in his balls, and he looked me dead in the eye and said “is that all you’ve got?” – I knew I had found my new favourite thing to do!

I had kicked people in the balls prior to this, once accidentally, and once very definitely on purpose – but neither of those poor sods had asked me to do it. Being offered a pair of testicles, being asked to hurt them, and hurt them hard – blew my mind. I had always believed that men’s genitals were their most prized possessions, but apparently there are LOTS of you out there who WANT this kind of treatment?! Well, the rest is history, I jumped feet first into the Femdom rabbit hole and never looked back.

For me, Ballbusting isn’t about hating men, or exacting my revenge upon them for the crimes of their entire gender – it is the ultimate power play. In a world that is designed to cater to men, a patriarchal society where women are trained to put the needs of men first, it was a real eye opener to discover that, actually, some men seek out this kind of pain, this kind of submission. They want their most precious parts to ache and sing with pain, at the feet of a woman who is more powerful than he – simply because we can reduce them to a gibbering mess with one kick.

I love the thrill of kicking a man in his balls. Kicking something very hard is very satisfying anyway; aside from football, I can’t think of any other activity where one gets to kick something as hard as they possibly can without some kind of undesirable outcome. I love the feeling of a nutsack under my shoe, or my bare foot. Barefoot ballbusting is something I enjoy but cannot keep up for too long, my poor little tootsies get all red and sore and we can’t have that, can we?! Only one of us is supposed to be in pain here!

I especially love when I hit that little sweet spot – the spot that reduces him to a puddle of pain and ecstasy, silently screaming, writhing like a worm on a hook. His eyes roll back in his head and for that split second, there is nothing else – his entire world is one of excruciating ball pain, inflicted by ME. That is a really heady cocktail of power and sadistic pleasure; and to me, it feels so right. A man offering me his weakest, most fragile parts of his anatomy to fulfil my need to deliver pain to another? How can there be anything better?! In a way, it’s also a huge gesture of trust – they trust me to take them to those agonizing heights of painful pleasure, and trust that I will do so safely (as well as sanely, and consensually!).

Strange as it might sound, there are right and wrong ways to ballbust somebody. Or perhaps to put it a better way, there are ways of doing so that are enjoyable for the recipient, but there are also ways that can cause permanent damage. Of course, no one is naïve enough to think that there won’t be repercussions from being continually hoofed in the nuts for years on end, but there is a difference between bruising and swelling, and splitting a scrotum open or rupturing a testicle. Injuries like these will put your ballbusting days to an end pretty abruptly, so it’s important to know what to look out for. Bruising and the odd nicks and grazes are normal; this area, if you didn’t already know, is incredibly sensitive!

Having spoken to several die-hard ballbusting boys about what they like and what they don’t, it seems to me that a lot of it comes down to personal preference. Some guys really like being ballbusted in pointy-toed, high-heeled shoes, whereas others really are not keen on this. My personal preference is boots or trainers – I’m all about comfort and ease (and I am a huge trainer addict, so it’s just convenient for me!). I am not fond of wearing heels for ballbusting because I feel unsteady on my feet; and if I’m worrying about not falling over, I’m not giving my full attention and enthusiasm to what I’m doing. I can kick harder and for longer in trainers than I can in heels. Kicks don’t even need to be all that hard – as long as it is accurately aimed in the right place it will have the desired effect. The aim is to temporarily trap the ball between the top of your foot and the man’s pubic bone, squashing it flat for a split second. This is why a pointy shoe isn’t always ideal for ballbusting – the balls will slip to one side of the shoe or the other, and the kick will not be as effective. Ditto for using the ball of the foot – this hardly ever works in the desired manner because it pushes the balls to one side or the other rather than accurately mashing it between foot and pubic bone, as desired!

The general consensus around toe punting – which is exactly what it sounds like, jabbing your toe directly into the scrotum rather than using the flat top of your foot – seems to be that it is best avoided. I have done this by accident more than once – when I was learning, or if I misjudge the kick – however it is not something I would do intentionally because on the whole every guy I have busted has asked that I avoid it. As mentioned previously, everything I do is safe, sane and consensual – I always check limits first. And, for what it’s worth, if I fuck it up I will always apologise, too!

Similarly, another gripe that bustees have is a lack of accuracy, where they end up receiving kicks to their inner thighs, butthole area, or even the cock. Again, I’m not saying I have never done this – I have, I know I have, and I do make sure that I try and avoid it. Sometimes if a man is particularly wriggly, I can miss, or if I’m balancing in heels it can also reduce my accuracy. A badly-judged kick in the cock, if it is hard at the time, can result in actually snapping the penis, which is a horrendous injury to recover from – so again, accuracy and control is the key to avoiding serious injury whilst delivering excruciating ecstasy. Frenzied kicking willy-nilly is just going to result in an unhappy and possibly damaged bustee, and a frustrated buster who looks like she hasn’t a clue what she’s doing.

This post isn’t intended to be a little ego stroke for me whilst condemning inexperienced or ill-informed ballbusters – not at all. I’m also not claiming that this is a definitive guide to ballbusting and if you don’t do it my way, you’re doing it wrong. I wanted to write about something that I really enjoy, and to share what I have learned about the fetish itself, from the guys that enjoy it too. If I can shine a light on an area someone isn’t too familiar with and help to inform them about it, then I will do so. Like any particular skill, it takes time to learn and perfect, and whilst it may look easy in the videos you watch, there’s often a little more to it than first imagined. Personally, I’ve found the best way to learn and improve is to talk to people – other ballbusters themselves and the guys who are into it. Oftentimes they are happy to share their knowledge and give you pointers if you ask for them. By not doing so, and assuming that you’re doing it right because you are the Domme and therefore infallible and would never take direction from a sub – you are ensuring that bustees are unlikely to return to you. We learn a lot from other Dommes; I find I learn just as much from the subs themselves.

You can check out my ballbusting movies by clicking here. I am always looking for new balls to bust for my movies. If you are interested in offering yours to me, please click the Filming tab and use the contact form to get in touch! If you enjoyed reading this blog, please hit the “Like” button below  and tell your friends!

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