Social Media: Where To Find Me

Social media is not what it once was. It is changing and it is doing so quickly. I don’t know when, but soon, I am pretty sure I will no longer be on Twitter. This will be a sad day – I have been on Twitter since 2012, and the platform has been instrumental in growing my online business.

However, the only certainty in life is that things will change, and so I wanted to write a brief post about where to find me when the inevitable happens. It will most likely happen without warning, so please read the following carefully and make sure you pay attention!

Of course, my blog, right here, is a very good place to start. If you scroll down to the bottom of any page of this website, you will see a little button that says “FOLLOW”. Simple. Click this and enter your email and you will be notified every time I post something. Easy peasy. I will be using this site more heavily as a social media tool. It also means your email is added to my mailing list, so I can more easily keep in touch with my site followers., or my AVN Stars profile, is a great platform. You can follow me and use it exactly like Twitter. You can like my posts, re-post them, comment, etc. All without spending a penny. HOWEVER it does also have the option to subscribe, which, for a monthly fee (which is currently $9.99 – even less per month if you subscribe for 3, 6 or 12 months at a time – bargain) will allow you access to content that I post only for my subscribers. You can direct message me, you can view any clips I have set to “free for subscribers” (I have a clip store on there too, which is the best place to buy clips – for both you and me!), we can do PTV messaging, book Skype calls…etc. You get the gist. I have posted about AVN Stars before, but it’s always worth mentioning again – especially if I suddenly disappear from Twitter.

In addition, I do have a backup Twitter account, which is currently just for autotweets regarding clip sales, cam and phone availability, etc. You can find me @tiffanynaylorp1 – although I don’t hold out too much hope that this one will survive the cull either – but still worth following me there as well, just in case! I have nowhere near the same number of followers on this account (I only set it up a few months ago) as I do on my main account, but we all had to start somewhere so I would appreciate as many of you following this one as possible. I do have an Instagram too, @tiffanynaylorxx – but I don’t use it much as they are notoriously anti-sex worker! So that platform may vanish also.

And of course, you can find me on the following platforms – my Clips4Sale store, my Adultwork profile, my NiteFlirt Page, DommeLine, YooGirls, Dominity, or GetIndieBill. Please note that I don’t check all of these platforms every day – the best way to ensure a prompt response is to contact me either via this website right here, or on If using the latter, make sure you’re subscribed if you wish to message me and get a reply!

That’s all for now folks! So please:

  • Make sure you are following my blog
  • Follow me at
  • Follow me on my backup Twitter @tiffanynaylorp1
  • Make sure you keep supporting me by buying my clips, calling me, camming with me – they might try and remove me from social media, but I’m not going anywhere!

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