Unsold Clips: 2016

I was recently doing some admin on my Clips4Sale store, and I was intrigued to see which of my clips have never sold. Believe it or not, there are some videos that people have never bought! It occurred to me that this may just be an oversight on their part, and that some of these clips may well be of interest to some of you – so I thought I would write a series of blog posts, showcasing some of the unsold clips from the past four years, and giving a little analysis of why these clips have not sold. I figured it would be useful not only to myself, but also to other content creators. I only went back as far as 2016, as this was when there was a marked change in my clip production routine, and prior to that I used to upload format duplicates, so the figures weren’t quite accurate.

(In the interests of transparency: I only have the MP4 versions in my store now, but I used to sell mainly WMV files – so the sales report may show that the MP4 version didn’t sell, when the WMV version may have done. I no longer have the WMV versions on the server, so there is no way of checking, so I omitted those files from my findings!)

So in 2016, the following clips did not sell:

Custom Request – Leg Worship – Stockings & Heels
Balloon Popping Heels
Be The Best Loser You Can Be…
Silent Slo Mo Tit Worship
Custom Request – Buy My Dirty Trainers, Money Pig!

Not bad, over a year, to only have five of the clips I created go unsold! Two of these were custom requests, so technically, I sold them to the person who ordered the original custom. However, no other purchases of that clip were made! I have made them into a hyperlink that takes you straight to the clip in my store, should you wish to have a look and purchase them for yourself.

2016 was a strange year for me – there was a lot going on behind the scenes, which I won’t go into, but clip production was just not possible for a large part of the year. I moved house in the summer, and it wasn’t until I was settled in that I was able to really crack on with filming again.

I do try not to cringe when looking back at my old content – I’ve been making clips since 2012, and a lot has changed in that time – the quality of my production and my equipment, my style, the content I produce, the way I look – and it’s easy to berate myself and pick fault. However I get very bored very easily, and I am always trying new things, new niches, new ideas, new looks – and it has taken me a while to settle into the content that I really enjoy creating. My clip store really is full of all sorts of different stuff – just have a look in the category menu on my front page, there’s A LOT to choose from!

I will be doing this for the years 2017 – 2019 inclusive, and then will do so at the end of every year for every subsequent year I am still producing content! I want to make sure that all my clips receive the airtime I think they deserve, and who knows – you may just find a new kink you never knew you had…!

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