I ❤️ Sneakers!

…or trainers, as we Brits know them!

Sneakers, trainers, kicks, creps, doesn’t matter what you call them – I LOVE THEM!

I have always loved trainers (I will use the UK term, being a Brit myself) ever since I can remember. I can’t even pinpoint why, really. I was basically semi-feral as a child, and spent a lot of time outside in the garden. Trainers made my outdoor activities that much easier – they’re good for mucking around in, comfortable, good for running in, climbing trees, riding bikes, kicking boys….

When I got to secondary school, it came to my attention that trainers were Very Important. You had to have the coolest trainers, otherwise you were basically pure scum. A social pariah in own brand trainers. Heaven forbid I had anything less cool than Reebok trainers – I would just die. I remember my Mum buying me a really nice pair of New Balance trainers – they were so comfortable and I did secretly really like them – but because they weren’t Nike or Adidas I was a little bitch about it, so much so that I got a new pair of Nike trainers for Christmas that year!

Now I am not a brand snob when it comes to clothes at all. I will wear whatever I like regardless of how much it costs or what make it is – as long as I like it, then I could not give a shit about what anyone else thinks. However, when it comes to trainers, I just love the brand names. I had a small cull of trainers last year because I had SO many pairs, and I managed to get it down to 14 pairs. Those 14 pairs are a mixed bag of brands – Nike, Adidas, Converse, Fila, New Balance, Vans – but even having said that, it’s not so much the fact that they’re a brand name that makes me love them so much.

I just love the way they look, the way they feel – they are so comfortable, they don’t hinder me in any way whatsoever. High heels inevitably hurt – whether it’s blisters or pinching or just aching from having your feet and legs shoved into unnatural positions. Trainers never betray me in this way! I used to spend all day at school in heels, all day at work in various offices in heels – heels look great but they are uncomfortable and painful and they can sod off into the sun. Plus you look like a twerp hobbling in heels that are legitimately crippling you. Stop it. Put some trainers on. They’re brilliant.

To my mind, trainers go with everything! I wear them with jeans, leggings, skirts, dresses – I have smart trainers, for nice occasions, and scruffy ones for everyday wear. I have shit ones for taking the bins out, I have sturdy ones for stomping on things (people) with. I have sparkly ones and soft fabric ones and multi coloured ones – the list is endless. And I always want more!

So it’s just as well that rather a lot of my fans and followers are also into trainers as well! I will put on a pair of heels for a session, but invariably I have kicked them off within about ten minutes of arrival. I love my sessions with one of my regulars who just LOVES trainers as much as I do. He requests I bring a few pairs and I model each of them in turn, allowing him to worship them and then trampling all over him. IT IS SO SATISFYING. If I am comfortable, then my session is going to go a hell of a lot better than if I’m not. Simple!

I recently ran a poll over on my Twitter, asking which trainers people preferred – Converse, Adidas Superstar, Nike Air Max or Fila Disruptors. Interestingly, the Converse just nailed it – when these happen to be probably my least favourite out of those options! I far prefer Nike Air Max – which came a close second – far more comfortable, a classic shape, the ultimate shoe of my youth. But it’s good to know which particular brand is more popular within Fetish Clips – keep an eye out for more Sneaker Fetish clips in my clip store! It is always pleasing when something I genuinely enjoy is also lucrative professionally; although these days I’ve found that when I focus on the things that I personally enjoy within my work, then the results are much more genuine and ultimately make me more money.

You can order a custom video requesting a particular pair of trainers – if I don’t have them, you can buy them for me and have them sent to me. I always appreciate those who feed and share my trainer addiction! Contact me directly either via the contact form on the homepage, or over on TiffanyNaylor.com to discuss options for this.

For now, let me leave you with this marvellous collage put together by a loyal fan, showcasing some of my favourite trainers!

One thought on “I ❤️ Sneakers!

  1. Brilliant enjoyed reading this blog so impressed and defo can see your love of trainers maybe can add to your favourite from a wish list or something soon.
    Mark in North West uk

    Liked by 1 person

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