Hello, 2020!

Happy New Year everybody!

2019 was an interesting year, and something of a transitional phase for me both personally and professionally. A lot is going to change moving forward, and I want to make sure that everyone knows where to find me on the internet in the future. TiffanyNaylor.com looks like it will be my main social media platform. I have been slowly building up my content and presence there over the last few months, and I really rate it. It works Just like Twitter in that you can follow people, but there is also a subscription option should you so chose. It’s a bit like if Twitter and OnlyFans had a baby, from what I can make out so far! I would strongly urge all my Twitter/Insta followers to follow me on here, as it’s likely I won’t be around on either platform for too much longer.

If you wish to be added to my mailing list, please use the contact form on the Booking tab. This site will be getting overhauled and revamped in the not too distant future and I wish to ensure I have my mailing list set up before I start fiddling with it!

I publish my clips at TiffanyNaylorClips.com – check it out if you’re not already familiar. In fact, below are links to my top ten selling clips of 2019 – this should give you a flavour of what to expect from me, although I am always trying new things:

10. Lick My Muddy Boots Clean! 

9. Superstar Stomping

8. Tiny Foot Pet Humiliation

7. Disruptor Destruction

6. Busted

5. Bad Babysitter

4. Escape

3. Trainer Torment

2. Timberland Boots Ballbusting – in Public!

1. Muddy Wellies Ball Stomping 


That’s it from me for now, but I shall be updating you all as much as possible over the coming months. Have a wonderful 2020, everyone!


MTN xx