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The Alphabutt Challenge

Posted: September 21, 2015 in Tiffany
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Here’s an interesting little blog post for you…

So one of my cam regulars is a sissy fag by the name of Debbie Jo. Debbie Jo is a naughty little slut who just loves shoving things up her slut c*nt! I decided to make things interesting by issuing her with a challenge – on the 1st September, I challenged the dirty Debster to find an object corresponding to every letter of the alphabet and stick it up her faggot fanny!

Well, what can I say?! The filthy minx rose to the challenge with gusto, and made it her mission to complete this challenge in record time – I originally gave her until the end of the year, but I clearly underestimated her hungry little whore hole and it’s yearning need to be filled, and she completed the challenge in 20 days!

The picture below details each item that met its end being slipped up her greedy little hole! YES, all these items very used and verified by me, and also by my partner in crime, Miss Petite, who was also a part of this devilish challenge.

EDIT: Here is Debbie Jo’s feedback from the Alphabutt Challenge!

I’d like to say a big thank you to both Miss Naylor and Miss Petite for coming up with the challenge, helping with suggestions for the objects and most of all for the fun had completing the challenge.

So well done Debbie Jo! If you think you can do better, come and see me on cam, show me what you’re made of…!

The Alphabutt

Clarity, please…

Posted: August 27, 2014 in Tiffany
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A little post to vent about something irksome.

I get a lot of emails and requests – this is to be expected, obviously, in my line of work. Some are fine, some are bizarre, some are downright fucking stupid. They entertain and irritate me in equal measure! However, the ones that REALLY piss me off are the vague ones. The ones that go along the lines of…

Hi Mistress, I’d love to book a session with you.

Ok, so what are you interested in?


Right, I gathered that (on the assumption that you have read my profile – many don’t.) but what specific activities are you hoping to undertake in a session with me?

I just want you to dominate me.


I can’t just narrow “domination” down into an all-encompassing, one hour session! Domination covers a wide range of things and what’s enjoyable for one person isn’t going to float the boat of another. PLEASE be a little more specific with your requests because otherwise it may not go the way you plan it to!

Punters – Part 2

Posted: April 9, 2014 in Punters
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Well I do hope you enjoyed the last post – I must say, I do feel very touched when people agree to help me out with my little blog, especially those who wish to remain anonymous – they are trusting me with some very personal and private things, and I feel very humble to think that these people – some of whom are complete strangers – trust me enough to share this!
Anywho, before I get too sentimental, I thought I would continue. This next post is brought to you courtesy of a chap called Wayne. Wayne has been using escorts for many years now, and has also dabbled in webcam activities and the odd visit to a strip club or two. An enthusiastic punter, Wayne started availing himself of the many wonderful pleasures of the flesh as soon as he turned 18! No hanging about for this chap! His very first punt was in a London walk up (for those of you unfamiliar with the term – literally, an open door down a backstreet, typically somewhere like Soho, leading to stairs, which would prompt you to “walk up” them!) and that, as they say, is history!
Again, having been a regular gentleman caller for a long time, Wayne has come to realise that working girls are real people too!

I see ladies working in the industry as women making a living, they provide a service that i enjoy and don’t mind paying to use. I have seen a few ladies on more than one occasion, one becoming very close to them. Have even been out on a dog walk with one before sexual services.

Ah, nothing like a brisk walk of the hound to whet one’s sexual appetite huh?! I can understand how it’s very easy to view people in the context of their job – and sex work is not exempt from that. However it’s also just as easy to remember that we are all human, we all have feelings, and, yes, sometimes, we have to walk the dog before we get on with work!
I asked Wayne if he thought his use of adult services affected his personal relationships at all. He answered me with this:

I was single for a long time, I worked nights so having a relationship was very hard. Once I was in one, I stopped seeing ladies but still watched the odd webcam show. In between relationships, I saw escorts as saw it as an easy way to get sex! I could pick a lady and give them a call.

Well that is true, the beauty of sex work has to be the convenience, surely?! A simple and easy transaction whereby everyone is satisfied. I asked Wayne if he had any favourites, initially meaning babeshow hosts or cam girls. Due to my not having made this clear, Wayne answered that although he had A LOT of favourites, his real preference was for porn star escorts. I have heard from lots of people, on both sides of the transaction, that some people like to meet escorts who have been pornstars, or still are. I suppose it’s the porn equivalent to meeting Johnny Depp or Scarlett Johanssen or someone that you’ve lusted after in a movie for years, and then you get to bone them! Winner! Now if only Captain America was offering his services for a fee…!!! Wayne then went on to say that he had actually met two of his favourite pornstars for escort meets several times. Lucky Wayne!
Despite not being able to beat the real thing, Wayne says that he probably now uses webcam more often, as he finds this most convenient. When asked if there was anything else he would like to add to this blog post, all he said was, “please don’t think I’m a pervert!”
I don’t think you’re a pervert at all dear; there is nothing wrong with a healthy interest in sex and sexual outlets!

Punters – Part 1

Posted: April 8, 2014 in Punters
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Hello there filth fans! I hope you haven’t missed my blog posts too much – always bloody busy, me! I also hope you have been enjoying my new website?! It’s now been up for a week – there’s a rather marvellous update this week featuring Mr Naylor, so go check it out!
Anywho, I haven’t forgotten about several lovely gentlemen who got in touch with me a while back to answer my questions about being service users in the adult industry. So here we go boys and girls with the first in my current little mini series about the punters – without whom we would all be out of a job! We salute you, wankers! (literal wankers, that wasn’t an insult).
The first person I am going to write about is Burns! Any girl who’s done the babe channels in the UK will be familiar with him – and indeed a few of the other chaps who contributed! Burns has been a fan of the babeshows for the last 10-15 years – now that’s some serious dedication to debauchery! He says he has used webcams a little bit, but his first love is phone chat! In particular he likes to indulge in the delights showcased on BS Unleashed, ChatgirlTVX, Babestation, XpandedTV and Streamate. A good mixture of TV, webshows and webcams there. A connoisseur of the chat channels, perhaps Burns?!
Having been around for such a long time, and indeed calling the shows, Burns has got to know quite a few of the ladies on something more of a personal level than perhaps your opportunistic or sporadic caller

I see them as real people and have got to know a few of them and met them, also follow them on social media sites but do know some guys on the sites just see the girls as objects

If you call the girls that often, you’re sure to trike up more than a polite rapport with them! It’s nice to know that the die hard wankers out there appreciate that the girls are more than a pretty package. So which girls does Burns like to titillate himself telephonically to?!

Raegan Sidley, Jess Lloyd, Jaye Rose, Tindra Frost, Kate Santoro, past favourite Bonnie Lee and too many others to mention including the author of this blog

Well good grief Burns you do make me blush!! A nice variety of lovely ladies there. Is it possible that having such an interest in the babeshow babes may have an effect on your personal life?

Yes I find I talk more about the girls to friends rather than any real situations, plus seem to stay in to log in later rather than go out and socialise

Well hey, the girls are real, and your calls are real, so don’t let anyone tell you it’s not real life, Burnsy! It’s always nice to see your name pop up on the chatbox!
So there you go, a little insight into the mind of a babeshow caller! A lot of people don’t think that the shows are real, or the calls are all fake, so Burns is living proof that this is not the case. Coming up are more contributions from “service users” (so clinical, but more polite than “wankers”, n’est pas?!) in particular, those who like to visit escorts, dommes and webcammers!

Well bloody hell I haven’t blogged in ages! ChatGirlTVX has been keeping me very busy indeed! But never fear dear readers, and thank the curse of insomnia, as I am up and continuing my thread on males in the industry for you. Today we have part 3 of my Let’s Hear It From The Boys series, and I bring you – Sean Adams.(@seanadamsmodel)
I happened across Sean’s Adultwork profile when looking for people to interview. He was the only one I found that had LOADS of feedback (in my very quick search – I’m sure there are lots of other male escorts out there with great feedback!) so this stood out to me and I dropped him an email asking if he would like to contribute to my little blog here. And lucky for us, he did!
Sean describes himself as “an independent male escort, web cam performer, porn performer” and has appeared in both amateur and professional TV channels and productions. He’s been in the jizz biz since late 2006 so is no stranger to how it all works.
I asked him how he thinks people’s reactions differ to male and female sex workers…

I find from my experiences that the majority of people’s attitudes towards the adult industry is that males are referred to as “studs” or “gigolos”, females as “sluts” or “whores”. The same tends to be true of society in general. If a guy meets a girl one Saturday night in a club and takes her home, it is usually just the female who is frowned upon. However, these are not views that I share within the industry nor society in general.

A very good point. Males seem to get hailed as heroes if they fuck for a living, whereas women are shamed and pitied. Ridiculous, huh?! In my experience, no one is in the business for any reason other than they ENJOY IT! It would seem that Sean thinks the same way…

Firstly, from my experiences, everybody who I have met in the industry are in it because they want to be. People who object to porn/sex work would clearly never work in it for whatever reasons they have and so usually cannot understand why we do it, instantly assuming we are all looking to feed an addiction or as therapy to mask some form of abuse in our pasts. This is far from the truth. I love the attention and being watched having sex turns me on immensely, whether that be on a porn set, hearing from guys who were getting off watching my amateur or professional work, or even a “cuckold” husband watching as I take his wife right there in front of him!

So, come on then Sean, it can’t all be amazing, right?! What’re the pros and cons, in your view?

From my experiences, the pros do out weigh the cons, although some can be more difficult to deal with than others. Pros include the extravagant lifestyle that male escorting especially can bring. With most of my clients being couples (I have only ever met two females on bookings – one an ex-escort and the other a friend of an escort!) the guy will often want to impress his female partner by booking lavish hotel suits with champagne on ice and a hot tub in the room as opposed to a budget hotel off the M1, although there have been a few of those too! Often sat next to the champagne on the table is a pile of crisp cash, my reward for bringing this private and intimate evening to the couple’s life. I have also met some amazing people, whether they be clients, other escorts, porn performers, videographers or photographers. One regular couple even wanted me to join them for part of their annual two week holiday at a private Mediterranean villa for an all expenses and fees paid fun time together, but unfortunately we just could not all be free for the same dates. It’s literally like living two lives – and I love it! Of course, the cash from escorting or the sales of movie clips and occasional paid porn scene is very nice too!
The cons are the restrictions that I can put on my body and mind. I aim to leave two to three days between bookings to ensure both my body and mind are fully refreshed, which does mean having to turn down many bookings from regular and new clients. Anything more often than that and performance can begin to suffer, whether it be mentally or physically. And it’s the same for any guy any age. I also feel that the clients respect me for that too. If I was leaving one appointment to go to another, my service would not be good and I would likely never see either couple again! So guys will find it hard to make a full time living out of the adult industry without something giving way – either on a porn set, escort booking or in his personal life. It is also very difficult to have a relationship when working as a porn performer/escort. It would take a very understanding partner from outside of the industry to accept this lifestyle, or the other option would be deceitful and keep it from them. I therefor choose to remain single, as dating somebody within the industry would, for me, open up a whole host of other problems.

See, guys?! It’s not all champagne and wall to wall pussy for a male escort! It’s hard work and requires a sensible head – which Sean does indeed have! As with any type of job, it does affect your life in more ways than just bringing home the bacon.
There are bad things about the job, as with any job – which Sean outlines in his next response…

As far as bad experiences are concerned, they have been very few and far between, the most notable being when a married couple arrived at my house for an in call escort booking and the female was so obviously being pushed into the meeting, We went ahead and did the deed, but she was very tense and did not want to undress. In hindsight I should have, and now would under the same circumstances, stopped things before they progressed. I have since heard from the guy asking to meet with me and his new girlfriend, so possibly that meeting was part of what helped terminate a failing relationship, so maybe I did her a favour in that respect after all! Also, in the porn industry guys can be treated like mindless pieces of meat with unnecessary pressures put on them by videographers/directors. Being told “you need to cum in 30 seconds” with no prior warning can have the complete opposite effect of what they want to achieve. A bit more TLC offered to the guys may result in them being able to produce much better scenes than some of the dross that is out there.

Sean’s final response, to the question “what do you like/dislike about your job?” is similar to one of my earlier contributors – remember Mystery Contributor X? She felt she had to keep this side of her life secret from her “vanilla” cohorts, on account of the undoubted reaction it would cause…

The thing I really dislike about working in the adult industry is having to keep it to myself and not letting my family and friends know what I do, as society does paint a very poor picture of the whole scene. I feel I have to protect them from people knowing that their son/brother/father/friend/etc etc is in the adult industry. A real shame in fact, as most of the people I know in the industry would get on with my friends and family really well.

A real shame indeed. When will people realise that sex work, is still just work?! It’s not a revolting, sinful, disgusting way of life, just a different one. Yes of course there are bad parts to it, but aren’t there in every occupation?! Such as government, the police, the banks…?! I digress, yet again. But Sean raised some very good points, as have all of the wonderful people who have contributed to my blog so far, and these points deserve attention and consideration! It’s all very well making judgements and making a career out of trying to ban porn and prostitution (*COUGH* Gail Dines & Co *COUGH*) but without having actually spoken to sex workers who, God forbid, like their job?! Come on now…
I cannot stay on track tonight haha! A very big thank you to Sean, for answering my questions and lending us a little further insight into his world. Go follow him on Twitter!

This week has seen a great response to my #NotJustAPrettyFace feature so I thought I’d finish it off with my own experiences before starting a new theme next week!

Where to start… I left sixth form after my A Levels and started a university course in BEd Primary Education – originally I wanted to be a teacher. However I soon decided that I did not like the way the education system worked and nor was I actually a fan of small kids so I left after one year – which I passed, by the by. I worked in a shop for six months or so before landing a job at the local county court, where I stayed for two years.
I was 20 when I started working there, and although I liked earning I felt that I hadn’t finished my further education journey and decided to go back. This time I enrolled at a different university on a BSc Psychology and Criminology undergraduate degree.

My time in county court meant that I’d developed an interest in the legal system and I wanted to go back into it with a little more training behind me – my plan was to work in either the prison, police or probation services in some psychological capacity. However, life didn’t work out that way! The recession hit in my second year and by the time I’d graduated the public sector had absolutely no job opportunities whatsoever. I left uni with a 2:1 that I worked my little ass off for, and nowhere to go. None of the jobs I wanted thought I had the relevant experience, whilst all the retail/office/pub/cleaning jobs wouldn’t hire me as I was overqualified and they didn’t trust that I wouldn’t leave as soon as something better came along.

To say this pissed me off was an understatement! I’m a clever girl and can do most things asked of me, I just wanted to work, man, and no one seemed to give me a break. So after six months on the bastard dole I signed up with a temping agency and started doing random office jobs before finally landing a permanent job for a travel company.

I absolutely, categorically, HATED this fucking job. I mean I was grateful to be in employment and earning a reasonable salary, but where was the amazing career promised me for being a university graduate?! Schools and colleges tell you that if you have a degree, the world is your oyster – it’s bullshit. It’s a distinct advantage, yes, and maybe one day when the economy recovers, this will be the case again – but I shan’t hold my breath.

Anyway – I digress. So after a year at this company being miserable, they buggers tried to sack me for gross misconduct – I shan’t go into details but basically I took them to court and they paid me off – I wasn’t in the wrong! But immediately following my dismissal, I panicked. What the hell was I going to do?! Frantically I called my old temping agency and they miraculously got me in at the magistrates court, but as I was also at college one day a week doing my nail technician course I only worked three days a week to begin with. This obviously was not enough to keep me going.
This, dear readers, is the point at which I ventured onto Adultwork! I’d heard about this site from a friend years back, but had been too scared to try it. This time, however, I thought – what have I got to lose?!

The first time I went on webcam I was petrified. For weeks I wouldn’t even show my face on there, just incase someone in court recognised me! But my first night on there I made about what I used to make in a week in court, on my crappy laptop with built in webcam and shockingly show internet connection.

And the rest, as they say, is history! I have never looked back since that very fist night on cam, drunk, nervous and terrified I’d be spotted by someone I knew. I kept it secret for ages but then started telling my friends and eventually my family. Thankfully everyone was supportive and actually thought it quite funny! Webcam opened up an awful lot of opportunities for me and I absolutely love life. I only wish I had started sooner – during my three years at university I had five different jobs (gym bar staff, local pub, office, HMV and gym receptionist) and even though these were flexible and allowed me to work around my studies, I know now that webcam would have been a far more lucrative endeavour for me – I wouldn’t now have the debt that I do. I’ve not had any negative responses to what I do, and I realise that I am very lucky in this respect. My family have always supported me 100% and even though this isn’t what they may have chosen for me, they understand why I chose this path and are proud of me for making a career in an industry that I love – despite its flaws, it allowed me to do things I never could have done staying what I was doing before. I’ve met fabulous people, travelled for work, won an award, I work from home as and when I choose, moved to a lovely flat I could never otherwise have afforded and have an enviable shoe collection! What more could a girl want?!

I do think that my degree helps me understand people better, which is vital when dealing with people in the manner that I do. Finding out what makes them tick and how to adapt what I do to suit their needs is really important, as it ensures they get the best service and will keep coming back. My regulars are brilliant and I genuinely love talking to them. My eyes are well and truly opened to all the weird and wonderful fetishes out there and nothing surprises me anymore – a topic for another blog perhaps?!

But anyway, that is how I ended up where I am now – there were many adventures along the way, which I shall regale you with some other time! I’m currently at ChatGirl right now, producing through the night, so make sure you’re watching and make sure you keep up to date with this blog – there’s way more to come…xxx

How we all doing today gang?!
So yesterday I had the most hits on my blog EVER! I am so pleased by the ositive comments and feedback that it’s receiving. Today I bring you the marvellous Kimberley Scott! (@sexyplaymatexxx)
Kimberley hails from Eastern Europe, now living in the UK, and describes herself as a “indi companion, party organizer and party girl, XXX/Glam/Adult model and performer, cam girl” – so she is a lady of many talents. She has been working in the adult industry since she was 18 years old so has seen it all! She is also a clever sort, and actually has a degree in Psychology – just like yours truly.

Initially I wanted to continue with MIT and System Administration (high school diploma is A of Graphic Design and Video Editing) but unfortunately there was no satisfying subject in the Uni of my lil town so I went to the capital, started my sex work (more free time for studies and of course a lot better pay). Dealing with different people every day made me re-think my study ambitions and I went for Psychology. At the end of the day I was and still am practicing it in my work so I just wanted to know what makes people tick. I just wanted to know what drives people to do the things they do.

Psychology is definitely very useful in this line of work, in my opinion, as it allows you understand how and why people may think the way that they do, and really get under their skin and provide the best service that you can!
Kimberley was already working in the adult industry when she began her studies – the money was good enough to allow her to fund herself through university, and she felt that she didn’t have that many options so adult work seemed like a good choice! As she said herself, the country she hails from isn’t know for looking after it’s people terribly well.
After university, Kimberley wanted to work in the police force, or as a forensic psychologist. However, this didn’t go to plan…

I’ve always wanted to be a police officer or at least in the forces. After 5 years in uni doing psychology I knew what I wanted to do – I wanted to be a forensic psychologist. Unfortunately there were way too many obstacles like corruption and sleaziness so I went on different path.

During her time at university, not many people we aware of Kimberley’s job, and she says that those that were, either weren’t that bothered or were doing the same thing themselves! She even hints that certain skillsets from the job may have helped certain people in their academic pursuits…

There weren’t that many people knew what I was doing but those that knew didn’t really care. It was more interesting to them how my world works than actually being prejudice. When I finished uni 40% of girls were doing my job to fund studies or just for better, glamorous life (In some case the marks were depending on certain skills too, hush hush of course)

Many times I have counted my blessings and been thankful that I live in a society where my choices are my own and that I have the support of my friends and family. Kimberley also says that she is lucky in this respect.

Thankfully western world is a lot more tolerant with sex work and women choosing to do that job so there is not that much surprise, unfortunately there are still some people thinking that we’re forced to do it and we’re wasting our potential. I’m blessed that my family and closest friends are ok with my job and I can share my thoughts and feelings free.

Some people, of course, do not have this attitude to sex workers, and Kimberley sums this up quite nicely in her final thoughts – citing religion and society as the biggest opposition in the fight for sexual freedom!

Sex work in general can be very rewarding in many ways – Financial independence, sexual freedom, knowing yourself better and overall well being. The society although makes it sound like biggest disgrace hiding behind Bible, old fashioned customs and some powerful people’s misunderstandings. In this day and age women can CHOOSE on their own to be sex workers or not. Yes, there is a dark side to it but isn’t there for everything? Yes, it is dangerous but tell me what job is not dangerous? At the end of the day that’s our lives and we going to live it the way we want to.

Wise words from a smart lady. I think that forcing small businesses into bankruptcy for profit is immoral, but you don’t see people protesting against banks as a whole. I also think that sitting around on your ass all day expecting the state to foot the bill for your lazy lifestyle is pretty wrong, but you don’t get people holding conferences discussing how this type of immorality eats away at our society and creates a horde of useless drones. Thank you, Kimberley, for your contribution to today’s blog – and keep up the good work girl!

Part 3 of my little mini-series on adult workers with university qualifications (I might make this a week long feature, such is the level of response I’ve had!) brings you one Mr Sam Clarkson! (@MrSamClarkson)

Sam is a very rare breed of gentleman, in that he is a male webcammer. These creatures are few and far between, (an idea for a later blog feature, perhaps?!) so it was great when he offered to contribute to what I was banging on about today.

Mr Clarkson is also a university graduate, having studied architecture. He began webcamming whilst at university, as this kind of work is so flexible! You can webcam whenever you like and the only one moaning t you about work is you! No horrible boss trying to make you come in when you have an important lecture or seminar to attend. (I wish I had discovered webcam work when I was at uni!)

Although Sam originally expected he would leave the webcam work behind upon completion of his studies, he actually still keeps it up regularly alongside his day job. A real life Peter Parker, of sorts…kinda…a dual life anyway! I like hearing about people who have a “vanilla” job but then also a totally different alter ego in the adult world, it fascinates me!

Sam really does keep the two sides very separate – for good reason!

I don’t encounter prejudice – My camming job and my day job are very separate. In fact both sides are pretty much a secret from each other. No day job folks know I cam. And very few camming folks know I have a day job.
However, I do things this way to avoid expected prejudice!

He also commented that although people on webcam are often surprised to learn he is university educated, students are often not surprised at his line of work – and it’s apparently more common than I thought!

People are always surprised when they learn I’m educated AND work on cam. Especially if they’ve seen my Adultwork profile. They get a very different sense of the person I might be from only reading that page. However the other way around… Students are not so surprised about the camming line of work. I know quite a number that have done it or tried it whilst at uni.

So there you go, dear readers, another very different perspective on working in the adult industry from another degree level educated individual! Part 4 will be on it’s way, from an anonymous contributor…oooh, I love a bit of mystery, me!

So the other day I noticed that a girl I followed on Twitter said that people are always surprised to hear that she is at university, on account of the fact that she is also a model, lapdancer and webcam girl. This resonated with me; people always seem shocked to hear that I too have a degree. This got me thinking that having both a brain and a career in the adult industry are not mutually exclusive. So I decided to write about it here. This blog post is a little different to the others as I have asked several other adult workers or various descriptions to contribute! I have also split it into several parts on account of the number of contributors! So this is part 1.

The girl who got me thinking in the first place is one Miss Lesley Rose (@MissLesleyRose). We met at an adult industry Christmas party a year or so ago and have been twitter followers ever since. Lesley is currently studying a BSc(Hons) degree in Psychology with Child Development, with a view to eventually working with children with special educational needs – specifically, those with motor function difficulties. She is also a webcam model and lapdancer.

Lesley was already a lapdancer before commencing her studies, and, as so often is the case, this led to modelling jobs. However, as any dancer will tell you, it’s hard to maintain a good living out of dancing as more girls come to the clubs, or they shut down altogether. Lesley then turned to webcamming, after a brief stint working on the adult chat channels.

When asked if she has ever encountered any prejudice based on what she does, Lesley says:

I think people assume I’m slow or stupid when I’m not. And they think I’m doing a degree for show and not because I know what I’m doing when I’m actually smashing it and I just finished my semester with a First. I think people don’t look past the job title and think “oh she must have no brain”. Countless times people have either been shocked that I’m doing a degree or doing so well at it. People say things like “oh she gets her tits out cause that’s all she’s good for” when that’s not the case at all.

I also asked Lesley if, like me, people are surprised when they find out she is a student, knowing what she does for a living, and vice versa. She replied:

Yeah they’re shocked! And then they assume that I HAVE to do what I do because I have no money which again isn’t true. I choose to do my job because I love it not because I NEED to. People at uni don’t know what I do, bar one person, and she’s really not bothered by it at all.

Lesley’s final words, which I shall end this blog post on for now, pretty much sum up how I also feel about people’s attitudes to adult workers that also, God forbid, have an education!:

I think people need to stop being so narrow minded. A lot of men and women in the adult industry get judged based on their jobs as if being in the industry makes you less of a person. Now I don’t speak for all parties involved but you would be surprised how many girls have a degree, have husbands, wives, fiancés, work in a corporate environment and in the adult industry as a fun sideline. Just stop judging people.

Feel the love, people! More in Part 2 – from a naked handyman studying for his masters in Marketing & PR…

You know what really grinds my gears?!

Well, it’s not the biggest source of annoyance in my life, but it is one of them. People seems to forget that, as a porn performer, cam girl, babeshow host, whatever – that you are a real person. They don’t seem to stop and think that the character you are portraying on screen or cam or phone is not actually you. They think that the perpetually horny, potty mouthed filth-monger is actually the real you – and they could not be more wrong!

It annoys me that people think they can tweet you pictures of their dick, or lewd comments about how to cure your sore throat, and you won’t get peeved about it! I know that of course, this is to be expected – after all, we are working in the sex industry and playing a part, so naturally people think this way. Without these people, we wouldn’t have jobs – but it irks me that some don’t seem to grasp that it is just a role to be played and I would appreciate it far more if they would consider the reality of it all sometimes!

It also pisses me right off that punters/viewers/whatever think they know you. They think they know every last intricate detail of your personality and character. I see people constantly banging on about what a lovely girl so-and-so is, how nice whats-her-face is, what a true gem thingybob is. You’ve never met these people – I have, and she’s a dickhead! She’s got a bad attitude! She’s painfully stupid! The bottom line is, you only see what you want to see in adult workers, or what they allow you or choose for you to see. And that’s fine, as I said already, we are all just doing our jobs, playing a part. But don’t get it twisted – you never truly know someone until you have met them and spent a considerable amount of time with them. You can’t sit there and say that some girl is the nicest person in the world when you’ve been jerking off down the phone to her – that’s what she wants you to think! You can say that she’s good at her, job, and you enjoy talking/camming/watching with her, but how can you possibly say that you know them?! And know them so well as to make grand statements about the inner workings of her true personality?!

I know I sound like I’m being ungrateful, having been one of these girls myself (and still am a cam/phone worker) and trying to shatter the illusion many spend lots of their money on. I’m not. There is nothing wrong with a little fantasy, escaping reality from time to time and indulging yourself in a sexual daydream. I just wish that people would sometimes consider that we are real people with real failings, flaws and personality defects just as much a good natures, great senses of humour and a friendly bit of verbal intercourse!

The constant praise and compliments of people over-inflates their egos – especially the ones who are total knobends, as they know they are knobends, but think that these fans believe the illusion and the glamour and they’ve got away with not being found out to be a knobend. Which os course just fuels the cycle of being a knobend, so much that they forget who they really are, and when it’s all over for them and they have no other way to make a living they stop and think – “fuck, I am actually a knobend”.

Of course play the part, be the fantasy whilst working, do your job well, keep the guys happy. But remember, when it’s 3am and something terrible happens, you’re going to need real friends and real support, not just the misplaced and misinformed adoration of strangers.

Keep it real, people!