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Greetings, one and all. I trust that this blog posts finds my readers well and kinky!
I have some very exciting news. Some of you may remember that back in December, it became illegal in the UK for us kink and fetish producers to distribute certain types of content – such as ballbusting, CBT, facesitting, and a whole bunch of other fun stuff that we love so much. Sadly I had to remove all such footage from my sites.
A marvellous new site, ClipsFatale, has found a way to combat this, and without boring you with the legal mumbo jumbo I can now distribute these clips once more! That’s right, all the sadistic stuff that you all know I love so much can now be uploaded by me and viewed by you thanks to ClipsFatale. You can view my store by clicking here. I have a little fine tuning my studio to go, but keep your eyes peeled as there will be a whole loads of new and never seen before clips going up on there over the coming week or so.
Hooray for ballbusting!

What’s Your Poison?

Posted: October 1, 2014 in Tiffany
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Whilst doing some maintenance on my clipstore yesterday, it occurred to me that I do have a very random collection of fetishes and niches featured on there! The areas you would expect to be rather popular seem not to be, whilst the opposite is true – the odd, the unusual, the strange, seem to do very well!

I wonder what is the weirdest, strangest or most unusual fetish or kink you’ve ever heard of? Or perhaps you have a fetish that you think is very strange?! I always think I’ve heard it all but then someone will pop up and surprise me.

Some of my most popular categories on Clips4Sale at the moment are:

Doll Fetish
Verbal Humiliation
Pedal Pumping

Now I can get my head round the spitting, the humiliation, and even the dolls to a degree – but pedal pumping (view of my feet whilst driving and changing gear etc)?! This is a new one to me. If anyone would care to explain to me I’d be appreciative!

My clipstore is updated every day at the moment, so go check it out here!

September Filming

Posted: September 20, 2014 in Tiffany
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It’s that time again – time for some new video content.

After uploading a sheer fuck tonne of footage this weekend, (which, incidentally, can be found here and here) it’s time to get some more done. I noticed I have an awful lot of strap-on videos, so I shall be hanging up my cock for a little bit and trying out some more imaginative ideas. If there’s one thing I’ve learned since being in this industry, it’s that you perverts will literally wank to anything!

So I’m looking to get really creative – really dark – and really push some boundaries. I am filming a lot of foot fetish content this coming week, as I’ve neglected my simply splendid soles of late, but what I want to know is what YOU would like to see on my sites – or, even be involved in. I am always on the look-out for reliable filming volunteers, so if you are willing and able, please contact me via the “Session With Me” tab.