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How we all doing today gang?!
So yesterday I had the most hits on my blog EVER! I am so pleased by the ositive comments and feedback that it’s receiving. Today I bring you the marvellous Kimberley Scott! (@sexyplaymatexxx)
Kimberley hails from Eastern Europe, now living in the UK, and describes herself as a “indi companion, party organizer and party girl, XXX/Glam/Adult model and performer, cam girl” – so she is a lady of many talents. She has been working in the adult industry since she was 18 years old so has seen it all! She is also a clever sort, and actually has a degree in Psychology – just like yours truly.

Initially I wanted to continue with MIT and System Administration (high school diploma is A of Graphic Design and Video Editing) but unfortunately there was no satisfying subject in the Uni of my lil town so I went to the capital, started my sex work (more free time for studies and of course a lot better pay). Dealing with different people every day made me re-think my study ambitions and I went for Psychology. At the end of the day I was and still am practicing it in my work so I just wanted to know what makes people tick. I just wanted to know what drives people to do the things they do.

Psychology is definitely very useful in this line of work, in my opinion, as it allows you understand how and why people may think the way that they do, and really get under their skin and provide the best service that you can!
Kimberley was already working in the adult industry when she began her studies – the money was good enough to allow her to fund herself through university, and she felt that she didn’t have that many options so adult work seemed like a good choice! As she said herself, the country she hails from isn’t know for looking after it’s people terribly well.
After university, Kimberley wanted to work in the police force, or as a forensic psychologist. However, this didn’t go to plan…

I’ve always wanted to be a police officer or at least in the forces. After 5 years in uni doing psychology I knew what I wanted to do – I wanted to be a forensic psychologist. Unfortunately there were way too many obstacles like corruption and sleaziness so I went on different path.

During her time at university, not many people we aware of Kimberley’s job, and she says that those that were, either weren’t that bothered or were doing the same thing themselves! She even hints that certain skillsets from the job may have helped certain people in their academic pursuits…

There weren’t that many people knew what I was doing but those that knew didn’t really care. It was more interesting to them how my world works than actually being prejudice. When I finished uni 40% of girls were doing my job to fund studies or just for better, glamorous life (In some case the marks were depending on certain skills too, hush hush of course)

Many times I have counted my blessings and been thankful that I live in a society where my choices are my own and that I have the support of my friends and family. Kimberley also says that she is lucky in this respect.

Thankfully western world is a lot more tolerant with sex work and women choosing to do that job so there is not that much surprise, unfortunately there are still some people thinking that we’re forced to do it and we’re wasting our potential. I’m blessed that my family and closest friends are ok with my job and I can share my thoughts and feelings free.

Some people, of course, do not have this attitude to sex workers, and Kimberley sums this up quite nicely in her final thoughts – citing religion and society as the biggest opposition in the fight for sexual freedom!

Sex work in general can be very rewarding in many ways – Financial independence, sexual freedom, knowing yourself better and overall well being. The society although makes it sound like biggest disgrace hiding behind Bible, old fashioned customs and some powerful people’s misunderstandings. In this day and age women can CHOOSE on their own to be sex workers or not. Yes, there is a dark side to it but isn’t there for everything? Yes, it is dangerous but tell me what job is not dangerous? At the end of the day that’s our lives and we going to live it the way we want to.

Wise words from a smart lady. I think that forcing small businesses into bankruptcy for profit is immoral, but you don’t see people protesting against banks as a whole. I also think that sitting around on your ass all day expecting the state to foot the bill for your lazy lifestyle is pretty wrong, but you don’t get people holding conferences discussing how this type of immorality eats away at our society and creates a horde of useless drones. Thank you, Kimberley, for your contribution to today’s blog – and keep up the good work girl!

Morning all!
I am so pleased with the feedback my last few posts have got. Such is the level of response, I am carrying on this theme for the next day or so! It just goes to show, that you really cannot judge a book by it’s cover, nor a person by their job!
Today’s first #NotJustAPrettyFace comes from an anonymous contributor. I do not know anything about this person other than what is written in their answers, but I can tell you, that she’s a lady! Mystery Contributor Z is a part time escort, working through an agency. The reason for only being part time is that she actually works full time as a Communications Manager, which she studied for via Distance Learning whilst raising her children. Her degree is in Leadership & Management, so she is not a shrinking violet, oh no! Studying for a degree is hard enough at the best f times, let alone whilst raising a family, so this is a very clever and determined lady indeed!
When I asked her how she get into the escorting, this was her reply:

My hubby and I have always had an open minded relationship and we started introducing others into our relationship as part of our social activities. After a while we thought “hey, we could make some cash out of this and have fun too” so I started ‘working’ a few evenings a week when the kids were away for the night. But, I never wanted this work to be my main source of income, that would take the fun out of it for me.

Again, like my last post, Mystery Lady Z keeps her “adult” and “vanilla” lives very separate, for several reasons, not least on account of having a family but also because she is all too aware of how such things are perceived by others:

People at my ‘normal’ job have no idea that I do what I do in my spare time and I prefer it that way. I have a professional image which would be ruined by prejudice in the workplace if they knew. So sad really.
Clients are often surprised to hear I have a normal job and a degree, I’m honest with them and I tell them that I do this work for fun and to top up my handbag/shoe fund which is what I blow the money on most weeks :-).
I love what I do, my hubby loves what I do, I like to think my clients love what I do and that’s what makes me happy in life – along with my kids of course (who are completely and blissfully unaware of my work when they are at grannies house)

I know a lot of escorts and porn performers that have husbands and families. I think people’s initial reactions to this are – “oh my God, thats terrible” – but why? As Mystery Lady Z has just said, she’s happy, hubby is happy, and her children are looked after and well cared for – and enjoying happy parents, which is seriously underrated in my opinion! But because of people’s prejudices and ignorance, she feels that she has to keep this part of her life shrouded in secrecy, so much so that she didn’t want to lend her name to this piece. It’s very sad that people can make such snap judgements based on, what I think, absolutely bloody nothing other than societal and media propaganda. So I want to say an extra especial thanks to Mystery Lady Z, for letting us have a sneak peek into her otherwise very secret world!
Gone off topic with the degree thing there, but my mind likes to wander! Part 5 will be coming up shortly from a photographer/producer, and Part 6 is another Mystery Lady! Don’t miss it!