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Throughout the month of September, my session availability looks a little like this:


Monday 8th – Tuesday 9th between 11am – 4pm (2-3pm BOOKED)
Friday 12th between 11am – 4pm
Monday 15th – Tuesday 16th between 12pm – 5pm
Friday 19th between 12pm – 5pm
Monday 22nd – Tuesday 23rd between 11am – 4pm

Weekends may be available upon request. Call the booking line or use the contact form on my “Session With Me” page to get in touch.

Clarity, please…

Posted: August 27, 2014 in Tiffany
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A little post to vent about something irksome.

I get a lot of emails and requests – this is to be expected, obviously, in my line of work. Some are fine, some are bizarre, some are downright fucking stupid. They entertain and irritate me in equal measure! However, the ones that REALLY piss me off are the vague ones. The ones that go along the lines of…

Hi Mistress, I’d love to book a session with you.

Ok, so what are you interested in?


Right, I gathered that (on the assumption that you have read my profile – many don’t.) but what specific activities are you hoping to undertake in a session with me?

I just want you to dominate me.


I can’t just narrow “domination” down into an all-encompassing, one hour session! Domination covers a wide range of things and what’s enjoyable for one person isn’t going to float the boat of another. PLEASE be a little more specific with your requests because otherwise it may not go the way you plan it to!

Not really! I’ve not blogged in forever which is very rude of me but, what can I say, I’ve been busy!

I hope my posts have been missed as I fully intend to make posting regularly a habit again.

Anyway, a lot has been going on since my last post! I had a birthday, which passed pleasantly and without event – although the next one is the big three-oh so I am dreading it!

Some very exciting news that I wish to share with my readers is that I have lately come across a fabulous new location to session from! An extremely well equipped dungeon, with some truly marvellous pieces that I am very much looking forward to attaching some of you to! Sessions will now be much easier to book with me, insomuch as its very local to me and I can check availability easily so no tedious email to-ing and fro-ing. If you are interested in booking a domme session with me then you will need to contact me via this link for the time being – a booking line will be set up shortly!