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This week has seen a great response to my #NotJustAPrettyFace feature so I thought I’d finish it off with my own experiences before starting a new theme next week!

Where to start… I left sixth form after my A Levels and started a university course in BEd Primary Education – originally I wanted to be a teacher. However I soon decided that I did not like the way the education system worked and nor was I actually a fan of small kids so I left after one year – which I passed, by the by. I worked in a shop for six months or so before landing a job at the local county court, where I stayed for two years.
I was 20 when I started working there, and although I liked earning I felt that I hadn’t finished my further education journey and decided to go back. This time I enrolled at a different university on a BSc Psychology and Criminology undergraduate degree.

My time in county court meant that I’d developed an interest in the legal system and I wanted to go back into it with a little more training behind me – my plan was to work in either the prison, police or probation services in some psychological capacity. However, life didn’t work out that way! The recession hit in my second year and by the time I’d graduated the public sector had absolutely no job opportunities whatsoever. I left uni with a 2:1 that I worked my little ass off for, and nowhere to go. None of the jobs I wanted thought I had the relevant experience, whilst all the retail/office/pub/cleaning jobs wouldn’t hire me as I was overqualified and they didn’t trust that I wouldn’t leave as soon as something better came along.

To say this pissed me off was an understatement! I’m a clever girl and can do most things asked of me, I just wanted to work, man, and no one seemed to give me a break. So after six months on the bastard dole I signed up with a temping agency and started doing random office jobs before finally landing a permanent job for a travel company.

I absolutely, categorically, HATED this fucking job. I mean I was grateful to be in employment and earning a reasonable salary, but where was the amazing career promised me for being a university graduate?! Schools and colleges tell you that if you have a degree, the world is your oyster – it’s bullshit. It’s a distinct advantage, yes, and maybe one day when the economy recovers, this will be the case again – but I shan’t hold my breath.

Anyway – I digress. So after a year at this company being miserable, they buggers tried to sack me for gross misconduct – I shan’t go into details but basically I took them to court and they paid me off – I wasn’t in the wrong! But immediately following my dismissal, I panicked. What the hell was I going to do?! Frantically I called my old temping agency and they miraculously got me in at the magistrates court, but as I was also at college one day a week doing my nail technician course I only worked three days a week to begin with. This obviously was not enough to keep me going.
This, dear readers, is the point at which I ventured onto Adultwork! I’d heard about this site from a friend years back, but had been too scared to try it. This time, however, I thought – what have I got to lose?!

The first time I went on webcam I was petrified. For weeks I wouldn’t even show my face on there, just incase someone in court recognised me! But my first night on there I made about what I used to make in a week in court, on my crappy laptop with built in webcam and shockingly show internet connection.

And the rest, as they say, is history! I have never looked back since that very fist night on cam, drunk, nervous and terrified I’d be spotted by someone I knew. I kept it secret for ages but then started telling my friends and eventually my family. Thankfully everyone was supportive and actually thought it quite funny! Webcam opened up an awful lot of opportunities for me and I absolutely love life. I only wish I had started sooner – during my three years at university I had five different jobs (gym bar staff, local pub, office, HMV and gym receptionist) and even though these were flexible and allowed me to work around my studies, I know now that webcam would have been a far more lucrative endeavour for me – I wouldn’t now have the debt that I do. I’ve not had any negative responses to what I do, and I realise that I am very lucky in this respect. My family have always supported me 100% and even though this isn’t what they may have chosen for me, they understand why I chose this path and are proud of me for making a career in an industry that I love – despite its flaws, it allowed me to do things I never could have done staying what I was doing before. I’ve met fabulous people, travelled for work, won an award, I work from home as and when I choose, moved to a lovely flat I could never otherwise have afforded and have an enviable shoe collection! What more could a girl want?!

I do think that my degree helps me understand people better, which is vital when dealing with people in the manner that I do. Finding out what makes them tick and how to adapt what I do to suit their needs is really important, as it ensures they get the best service and will keep coming back. My regulars are brilliant and I genuinely love talking to them. My eyes are well and truly opened to all the weird and wonderful fetishes out there and nothing surprises me anymore – a topic for another blog perhaps?!

But anyway, that is how I ended up where I am now – there were many adventures along the way, which I shall regale you with some other time! I’m currently at ChatGirl right now, producing through the night, so make sure you’re watching and make sure you keep up to date with this blog – there’s way more to come…xxx

Morning all!
I am so pleased with the feedback my last few posts have got. Such is the level of response, I am carrying on this theme for the next day or so! It just goes to show, that you really cannot judge a book by it’s cover, nor a person by their job!
Today’s first #NotJustAPrettyFace comes from an anonymous contributor. I do not know anything about this person other than what is written in their answers, but I can tell you, that she’s a lady! Mystery Contributor Z is a part time escort, working through an agency. The reason for only being part time is that she actually works full time as a Communications Manager, which she studied for via Distance Learning whilst raising her children. Her degree is in Leadership & Management, so she is not a shrinking violet, oh no! Studying for a degree is hard enough at the best f times, let alone whilst raising a family, so this is a very clever and determined lady indeed!
When I asked her how she get into the escorting, this was her reply:

My hubby and I have always had an open minded relationship and we started introducing others into our relationship as part of our social activities. After a while we thought “hey, we could make some cash out of this and have fun too” so I started ‘working’ a few evenings a week when the kids were away for the night. But, I never wanted this work to be my main source of income, that would take the fun out of it for me.

Again, like my last post, Mystery Lady Z keeps her “adult” and “vanilla” lives very separate, for several reasons, not least on account of having a family but also because she is all too aware of how such things are perceived by others:

People at my ‘normal’ job have no idea that I do what I do in my spare time and I prefer it that way. I have a professional image which would be ruined by prejudice in the workplace if they knew. So sad really.
Clients are often surprised to hear I have a normal job and a degree, I’m honest with them and I tell them that I do this work for fun and to top up my handbag/shoe fund which is what I blow the money on most weeks :-).
I love what I do, my hubby loves what I do, I like to think my clients love what I do and that’s what makes me happy in life – along with my kids of course (who are completely and blissfully unaware of my work when they are at grannies house)

I know a lot of escorts and porn performers that have husbands and families. I think people’s initial reactions to this are – “oh my God, thats terrible” – but why? As Mystery Lady Z has just said, she’s happy, hubby is happy, and her children are looked after and well cared for – and enjoying happy parents, which is seriously underrated in my opinion! But because of people’s prejudices and ignorance, she feels that she has to keep this part of her life shrouded in secrecy, so much so that she didn’t want to lend her name to this piece. It’s very sad that people can make such snap judgements based on, what I think, absolutely bloody nothing other than societal and media propaganda. So I want to say an extra especial thanks to Mystery Lady Z, for letting us have a sneak peek into her otherwise very secret world!
Gone off topic with the degree thing there, but my mind likes to wander! Part 5 will be coming up shortly from a photographer/producer, and Part 6 is another Mystery Lady! Don’t miss it!