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The Alphabutt Challenge

Posted: September 21, 2015 in Tiffany
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Here’s an interesting little blog post for you…

So one of my cam regulars is a sissy fag by the name of Debbie Jo. Debbie Jo is a naughty little slut who just loves shoving things up her slut c*nt! I decided to make things interesting by issuing her with a challenge – on the 1st September, I challenged the dirty Debster to find an object corresponding to every letter of the alphabet and stick it up her faggot fanny!

Well, what can I say?! The filthy minx rose to the challenge with gusto, and made it her mission to complete this challenge in record time – I originally gave her until the end of the year, but I clearly underestimated her hungry little whore hole and it’s yearning need to be filled, and she completed the challenge in 20 days!

The picture below details each item that met its end being slipped up her greedy little hole! YES, all these items very used and verified by me, and also by my partner in crime, Miss Petite, who was also a part of this devilish challenge.

EDIT: Here is Debbie Jo’s feedback from the Alphabutt Challenge!

I’d like to say a big thank you to both Miss Naylor and Miss Petite for coming up with the challenge, helping with suggestions for the objects and most of all for the fun had completing the challenge.

So well done Debbie Jo! If you think you can do better, come and see me on cam, show me what you’re made of…!

The Alphabutt

So I have not blogged in an awfully long time. I have been very busy – my life has very much been in a state of flux of recent, and as such, blog posts have been very much down at the bottom of the to do list.
Anyway, I’m sure the title of this particular post has got you wondering. Keep reading, and wonder no more…
I decided to stop shaving my downstairs region back at the end of October 2014. I had previously done some “hairy” modelling, which is rather lucrative, being such a niche fetish. It is quite hard to come by ladies with untended lady-gardens these days! So I let it grow wild and unkempt, for the best part of six months. No waxing, shaving, plucking or trimming. It just grew.
Until this week! Having done the shoots I intended to do, I decided that it was high time to trim the pubic topiary and get rid. I did actually become rather fond of my fluffy nether regions, particularly through the cold winter months; but with Spring on the way, and bikinis and whatnot, I decided it was time to bring the razor out and shear my snatch.
Now before all you bush lovers cry out in despair, fear not – not only did I film several clips featuring my well-fuzzed foufoun (French for pussy, by the way), I also filmed the grand de-fuzzing of my downstairs region.
I very rarely get my kitty cat out these days; she is enjoying her retirement from the cameras. But every now and then I like to remind my devoted viewers what is in between my luscious thighs, so if you check these videos out you will be in for a treat that doesn’t happen very often! So click the links, watch the videos, and enjoy….
I Will Fuck Your Face
The Pussy You Will Never Have!
Dr Naylor’s Chastity Clinic – Second Appointment
Mistress’s Rain
Slave Girl Chloe Gets Face Fucked
Shaving The Bush!

ADDENDUM: I have now listed my shavings as an item for auction on my Adultwork page. A little unorthodox, yes, but – I am told that there are those out there who are willing to purchase such an item! Check it out here

Well, after much messing around, stressing out and organising I had a fantastic shoot day on Tuesday.
Three slaves took part – and boy did we have fun…
Encased in tight Westward Bound latex, I had my wicked way with these boys, shooting a variety of things including CBT, ballbusting, boot worship and cum eating…what a way to spend a Tuesday!
I am very much looking forward to uploading the footage and photos to my sites for you all to enjoy. Here’s a few cheeky snaps behind the scenes to give you an idea…

I will be arranging filming days once a month from now on so if you wish to join in the fun, keep an eye out for dates on my site and get in touch.
A big thank you to everyone who came and made some femdom movie magic with me – watch this space for news of when it goes live!

Throughout the month of September, my session availability looks a little like this:


Monday 8th – Tuesday 9th between 11am – 4pm (2-3pm BOOKED)
Friday 12th between 11am – 4pm
Monday 15th – Tuesday 16th between 12pm – 5pm
Friday 19th between 12pm – 5pm
Monday 22nd – Tuesday 23rd between 11am – 4pm

Weekends may be available upon request. Call the booking line or use the contact form on my “Session With Me” page to get in touch.

Clarity, please…

Posted: August 27, 2014 in Tiffany
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A little post to vent about something irksome.

I get a lot of emails and requests – this is to be expected, obviously, in my line of work. Some are fine, some are bizarre, some are downright fucking stupid. They entertain and irritate me in equal measure! However, the ones that REALLY piss me off are the vague ones. The ones that go along the lines of…

Hi Mistress, I’d love to book a session with you.

Ok, so what are you interested in?


Right, I gathered that (on the assumption that you have read my profile – many don’t.) but what specific activities are you hoping to undertake in a session with me?

I just want you to dominate me.


I can’t just narrow “domination” down into an all-encompassing, one hour session! Domination covers a wide range of things and what’s enjoyable for one person isn’t going to float the boat of another. PLEASE be a little more specific with your requests because otherwise it may not go the way you plan it to!

So this Bank Holiday has been pretty lame, really – I haven’t been feeling too well and the weather has been shit! It would seem that summer 2014 is well and truly over now, sadly. Well, it was good while it lasted, I guess – we had some nice weather at least, although this summer saw the loss of some greats – Rik Mayall, Robin Williams and now Sir Richard Attenborough. RIP all.
I shall not dwell on the negatives!
I am feeling much better now and back in the game, taking bookings for domme sessions and just doing my thing. New Moon in Virgo today which is always a good time to set one’s intentions and getting back on track. Time to reinstate regularity and get back into the swing of things, and to make plans for the coming month. It is also a good time to assess and change habits relating to one’s health, so now would be a good time to give up smoking, perhaps…I’m trying!!
This Autumn will be a fruitful one for me, no doubt. I am looking forward to it.
If you wish to book a session with me in my new, organised and ambitious state of mind, click the “Session With Me” tab at the top!
To read a little more about the New Moon, click here

Not really! I’ve not blogged in forever which is very rude of me but, what can I say, I’ve been busy!

I hope my posts have been missed as I fully intend to make posting regularly a habit again.

Anyway, a lot has been going on since my last post! I had a birthday, which passed pleasantly and without event – although the next one is the big three-oh so I am dreading it!

Some very exciting news that I wish to share with my readers is that I have lately come across a fabulous new location to session from! An extremely well equipped dungeon, with some truly marvellous pieces that I am very much looking forward to attaching some of you to! Sessions will now be much easier to book with me, insomuch as its very local to me and I can check availability easily so no tedious email to-ing and fro-ing. If you are interested in booking a domme session with me then you will need to contact me via this link for the time being – a booking line will be set up shortly!


Well Hello There!

Posted: February 12, 2014 in Tiffany
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So I’ve decided to start writing a blog! 

Those of you who know me – HI!

Those who don’t, here’s a short introduction…

I work in the adult industry.  I started off webcamming, I did a bit of porn for a while, I now focus on fetish and pro-domme/dominatrix work. I still webcam, I still do phone chat, and I am now a producer on ChatGirlTVX. People are always fascinated by the adult world, and are often misled or ignorant of what actually goes on, so here’s a place where you can read about it all from someone who’s done a lot, seen a lot, and knows a lot about it! 

I shall be talking about lots of things on here, not just about the world I work in but about me and my life – as with anyone, there’s more to me than my job! 

Hope you enjoy!

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