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Hello, perverts…

I trust this blog post finds you well and keeping it kinky. As you may know, I was filming last week with Lady Bellatrix and Ava Black – and what amazing content we came up with! “Where can I see this content?!” I hear you cry! Well, the content will be going up in the usual places – on my members site, my clip store, Adultwork and ClipsFatale.

It may seem strange to have more than one outlet on which to sell my content, so let me explain why I do this…

Adultwork – where it all began for me. I always keep content fresh on here, but it is subject to ATVOD ruling, so nothing that was banned last December can go on here (ballbusting, CBT, facesitting, and so on.)

Clips4Sale – as above. Subject to ATVODs silly rules. I use this platform to appeal to a wider market, and you don’t have to sign up or anything to be able to buy clips from here.

My members site – NOT subject to ATVOD ruling. ALL my content can be enjoyed by members who sign up.

ClipsFatale – NOT subject to ATVOD ruling! So as with my members site, all the “banned” material can be purchased from here, but without committing to a monthly sign up.

Does that make sense?! It should do, it’s simple really…

Anyway, here is a little picture of us ladies in action…enjoy, and make sure you check out the new movie clips!


TN xx


Greetings, one and all. I trust that this blog posts finds my readers well and kinky!
I have some very exciting news. Some of you may remember that back in December, it became illegal in the UK for us kink and fetish producers to distribute certain types of content – such as ballbusting, CBT, facesitting, and a whole bunch of other fun stuff that we love so much. Sadly I had to remove all such footage from my sites.
A marvellous new site, ClipsFatale, has found a way to combat this, and without boring you with the legal mumbo jumbo I can now distribute these clips once more! That’s right, all the sadistic stuff that you all know I love so much can now be uploaded by me and viewed by you thanks to ClipsFatale. You can view my store by clicking here. I have a little fine tuning my studio to go, but keep your eyes peeled as there will be a whole loads of new and never seen before clips going up on there over the coming week or so.
Hooray for ballbusting!

So I have not blogged in an awfully long time. I have been very busy – my life has very much been in a state of flux of recent, and as such, blog posts have been very much down at the bottom of the to do list.
Anyway, I’m sure the title of this particular post has got you wondering. Keep reading, and wonder no more…
I decided to stop shaving my downstairs region back at the end of October 2014. I had previously done some “hairy” modelling, which is rather lucrative, being such a niche fetish. It is quite hard to come by ladies with untended lady-gardens these days! So I let it grow wild and unkempt, for the best part of six months. No waxing, shaving, plucking or trimming. It just grew.
Until this week! Having done the shoots I intended to do, I decided that it was high time to trim the pubic topiary and get rid. I did actually become rather fond of my fluffy nether regions, particularly through the cold winter months; but with Spring on the way, and bikinis and whatnot, I decided it was time to bring the razor out and shear my snatch.
Now before all you bush lovers cry out in despair, fear not – not only did I film several clips featuring my well-fuzzed foufoun (French for pussy, by the way), I also filmed the grand de-fuzzing of my downstairs region.
I very rarely get my kitty cat out these days; she is enjoying her retirement from the cameras. But every now and then I like to remind my devoted viewers what is in between my luscious thighs, so if you check these videos out you will be in for a treat that doesn’t happen very often! So click the links, watch the videos, and enjoy….
I Will Fuck Your Face
The Pussy You Will Never Have!
Dr Naylor’s Chastity Clinic – Second Appointment
Mistress’s Rain
Slave Girl Chloe Gets Face Fucked
Shaving The Bush!

ADDENDUM: I have now listed my shavings as an item for auction on my Adultwork page. A little unorthodox, yes, but – I am told that there are those out there who are willing to purchase such an item! Check it out here

It’s now 10 days since I gave up smoking. I’m not going to sugar coat it, I’ve found it HARD. I’m way more snappy and bitchy than usual! But it’s all going to be worth it in the end.

Interestingly, there has been a surge of sales of my smoking clips! And I’ve been inundated with requests for more. How ironic. The only way I will be doing more is with an e-cig or vapour stick, but I know the smoking fetishists are very specific with what they like, even down to the brand that you smoke. Purists indeed.

If you still want to check out my smoking videos you can do so by clicking here

Or here