If you wish to appear in one of my films, you must either be well known to me or be able to provide a very good reference from another Mistress with whom you have filmed previously. I don’t use people I have never met before, as you might be useless on film and I’m not taking chances! Book a few sessions with me first so I can see if you’re serious and able to do what I need you to. Filming with me isn’t a way to get a cheap session, it’s not about you and your needs, it’s about me getting good content. Please bear this in mind when approaching. If I don’t know you, I won’t use you. Simple.

ID & Model Release These WILL be required. No exceptions. You will need to provide photo ID and be happy to sign a model release form in order for the content to be used.

Anonymity You may wear a hood if anonymity is required; however preference will be given to those who can film unmasked.

Tribute Tributes for filming days are varied depending on multiple factors. Details will be given when necessary.

Location Could be anywhere. Details will be made available to those I am looking to use in filming.

Booking Please email me before making arrangements. I have to make sure I can synchronise my diary, that of my camera crew and of course yours as well.

Content I need slaves willing to film BALLBUSTING, TRAMPLING, CBT, BOOT/SHOE/FOOT WORSHIP, SPITTING, FACESLAPPING – I do film other fetishes but this is predominantly what I do