Giantess Fetish & Why I Love It!

I thought I would take the time to write a little bit about how I ended up getting into Giantess Fetish – or macrophilia, to give it its scientific name. I first became aware of Giantess Fetish in around 2012, when I filmed for All Fetish Forums for the first time (These guys are wonderful … Continue reading Giantess Fetish & Why I Love It!

Hello, 2020!

Happy New Year everybody! 2019 was an interesting year, and something of a transitional phase for me both personally and professionally. A lot is going to change moving forward, and I want to make sure that everyone knows where to find me on the internet in the future. looks like it will be my main … Continue reading Hello, 2020!

Jingle Balls Christmas Competition!

Hello all, I hope you are keeping warm this Winter so far - whoever is buying all my clips this month is certainly keeping themselves cosy and busy! I have decided to run a little Christmas competition this year - JINGLE BALLS! This will begin on Sunday 1st December until Thursday 12th December. (Entries received … Continue reading Jingle Balls Christmas Competition!

Some Therapists Are Dommes – Not All Dommes Are Qualified Therapists

I haven’t written a blog in while; I certainly haven’t written a blog that isn’t advertising what I’m up to for even longer. However, I have noticed something that is worrying me somewhat and I have felt compelled to write about it here. A little bit of background is needed first, so here goes. If … Continue reading Some Therapists Are Dommes – Not All Dommes Are Qualified Therapists