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Hello dear SW friends,

I have been asked to do a presentation to my college group about sex work. As we are all trainee/nearly/newly/qualified therapists, I want to provide them with not just some basic information on sex work but also the issues, discrimination and problems we face in addition to those that are not SW exclusive.

For instance, I always mention when I had my car insurance cancelled when they found out my job, or when I was told I couldn’t buy a certain pair of shoes because the designer didn’t like what I did for a living.

If you have any examples that you think would be useful or insightful or simply inspire discussion, and would be happy with me including it in my talk then I would be super grateful. I can keep you completely anonymous or you can give a name, it’s up to you.

I want to show vanilla people just what we have to put up with in our line of work and why it is important that we all start to see sex work as real work.

Similarly, I would also like to include some content on why people visit sex workers, what they get out of it, and how it affects their mental health (if it does!) So if this is something you would like to participate in as a service seeker, I’d love to hear from you.

Thank you in advance for your participation in my little project!

Part four of my Let’s Hear It From The Boys series brings us the very lovely Mr Benedict Garrett (@benedictgarrett), aka Johnny Cockfill to those in the know! Benedict has an impressive resume, including “Sexual Activist & Radical Sex Educationalist, Founder of ‘BIRDS, BEES, PLEASE’ and the ‘GET REAL!’ Sex Ed Campaign, Erotic Award Winner 2013, Big Brother housemate 2012, Actor & Entertainer”. He has also been a stripper, male escort and porn performer, having begun his foray into the adult world 10 years ago when he started shooting porn. He has also done mainstream acting and appeared on mainstream TV chat shows! WOW!
So naturally I was very pleased when he responded to my cry for help with this little piece I’ve been working on. Accustomed as he is to public speaking I knew that the responses he would give would be succinct, well-informed and honest – he didn’t disappoint…Do you think people react differently to men in the adult industry compared to women?

Obviously, being a man, I can only speak first-hand about my own experience. Of course, I hear views being banded around about the perceptions of women in the business, but these can also, perhaps to a lesser extent, be echoed about the men too. I think views are incredibly diverse and, thankfully, changing. I think it is also probably true to say that, by and large, there is this notion that men who do adult work are to be envied, while the women are just ‘sluts’, or victims of a patriarchal system or desperate situation that has ‘forced’ them into this line of work and, therefore, to be pitied. Equally, I cannot say that I am not occasionally in receipt of, sometimes offensive, and condescending, comments from all sorts of people. However, I have noticed, that no-one ever has the audacity to say anything to my face (except in specifically staged debates and interviews). When I raise my line of work with an unsuspecting audience, they tend to be more curious and intrigued than wishing to cast any form of judgement on my choices. But, then again, I am a man. A 6ft 2in, 15 stone man, to top it off. Maybe I would be an easier target for their ‘abuse’ and ‘aspersions’ if I was female.

How very true! On to the next question then, which was: Anti-sex work people like to use the argument that porn/sex work objectifies women. Do you, as a man, feel objectified, or do you enjoy the attention?

I am objectified. When someone comes to see me strip or watches me having sex, they have no intention to see beyond the physical. And why should they? We are selling the aesthetic. If I wanted to sell my intellect, I would be writing books or speaking publicly (which, as it happens, I also do at other times). Pornography & stripping are visual performances Their main aim is to visually stimulate. This may, in turn, cause other responses within an individual, but primarily we are putting ourselves forward as objects. I see nothing wrong with that. Objectification, for as long as we are visually stimulated beings, is a fact within the human condition. We need not feel bad or guilty about that. As long as we are able to place that into a context that does not see individuals ONLY as objects. I can look at an individual and find them physically attractive. Only a complete idiot, bereft of even the most basic intellectual capabilities and social skills, would neglect the fact that, if they were ever to meet that person, the object of their affection is more than simply skin and bones. The majority of us are able to balance a physical lust or titillation with the reality that every human has feelings, emotions, intelligence, family, friends, interests and everything else that comes with being a member of the human race. Knowing all of this does not mean that we cannot deny, within a balanced lifestyle, our right to be physically aroused by another human.

I would be lying if I did not admit to enjoying the attention most of the time. It is, of course an ego boost to realise that, some people at least, enjoy your performance and are attracted to you in some way. However, while I accept that, as a male stripper, audience members will try to touch us, stroke our muscles, smack our behinds, squeeze our packages (all of which would never be permitted within a female stripping venue), I do draw the line at what I would class as ‘abuse’. On several occasions, I have had to turn ’teacher mode’ on audience members who deem it acceptable to scratch my back. THIS I find totally intolerable. Thankfully, it doesn’t often happen, but enough times for me to always now be on my guard.

On a more positive note, I often meet the people who come to see me strip after my performance and they are usually pleasantly surprised that I am able to string a sentence together.

Yikes! Interesting, though, how what would be deemed totally unacceptable to do to female strippers, is apparently ok to do to male strippers?! I’ve only ever been present at one male “stripping” before (believe it or not) and the poor girl who’s birthday it was was so mortified that the guy did very little other than wave his wanger in her face. Although she reckons she noshed him off after – again, that would be a no-no with a female stripper! Then again, maybe some people like that kinda thing. Similarly, Benedict went on to point out that what some people might see as a bad thing, others might not! Pros and cons are in the eye of the beholder, perhaps…

I think both of these can be subjective depending on what kind of personality you are. But here goes:

– You are getting paid to have sex.
– You meet some interesting people and get to shoot, sometimes, in some fascinating places.
– You get paid a relatively decent rate for what is, for many, a dream job. At the very least, I certainly would not class it as ‘hard’ work, although many people would not be able to do it.
– If you enjoy attention, you certainly get plenty of that.

– Working in porn obviously carries a health risk, which you minimise through regular sexual health screening (FYI, so far, I have never contracted an STI in my entire life)me neither!
– Although it is sex, it can be quite demanding and you must do what is asked of you. You are not there to simply get your rocks off. Often, I do live sex shows which last for 4.5 hours. That can be tiring!
– There are some things that even I can find hard to do on demand at times, I am not a machine!
– Work is not always regular and the British porn scene is very small.
– Thankfully, there aren’t many guys in British porn because most guys aren’t able to perform, so there’s not too much competition out there.
– Working in porn obviously carries a stigma which may be carried with you into other aspects of your life and affect your future career prospects as well as your relationship with your family and friends and your ability to maintain a lover, if you are tying to do so.
– You may have to work with people you are not attracted to.
– In stripping, the potential for physical abuse, as mentioned above.
– Finally, in stripping, tying up your cock is not necessarily the best thing to be doing regularly to your penis.

Any bad experiences in your line of work Mr. Garrett?

Stripping: aside from the scratchers, not really. I try to avoid any 1-to-1 booking requests because I know they are only inviting problems.
I was once booked to strip in a venue called ‘The Hoist’ in London, being told I was just to perform my normal routine. When I turned up, I was surrounded by sweaty men wearing little more than leather floss. I was informed that if all I was going to do was strip, that the punters would not be happy. I was told I could leave if I wished. I promptly hauled my clothed ass out of there!

Porn: Not really. On a totally shallow note, I have worked with girls I really was not attracted to and, as awful as it sounds, would rather have stayed at home eating crumpets while watching ‘Murder She Wrote’. Beyond that, no, I have never had, nor witnessed any bad experiences in porn. I have had far more worse experiences in the ‘mainstream’ world.

Haha! So Benedict Garrett is a Jessica Fletcher fan! Who knew?! Best bits about the job?

The places I go, the people I meet, pushing myself to try new things, over-coming barriers, and, mostly, I love challenging people’s perceptions of me and other people who work in the industry.

Abso-bloody-lutely. If you’ve been keeping up to date with this blog you will know full well we are all about chalenging perceptions and stereotypes here! Thank you ever so much to Benedict for contributing, I appreciate that getting annoying emails asking for your thought and opinions take time to reply to and for that I am very grateful.
Aaaand finally, you can keep up to date with all Benedict’s comings and goings via his twitter @benedictgarrett and his website,

Well bloody hell I haven’t blogged in ages! ChatGirlTVX has been keeping me very busy indeed! But never fear dear readers, and thank the curse of insomnia, as I am up and continuing my thread on males in the industry for you. Today we have part 3 of my Let’s Hear It From The Boys series, and I bring you – Sean Adams.(@seanadamsmodel)
I happened across Sean’s Adultwork profile when looking for people to interview. He was the only one I found that had LOADS of feedback (in my very quick search – I’m sure there are lots of other male escorts out there with great feedback!) so this stood out to me and I dropped him an email asking if he would like to contribute to my little blog here. And lucky for us, he did!
Sean describes himself as “an independent male escort, web cam performer, porn performer” and has appeared in both amateur and professional TV channels and productions. He’s been in the jizz biz since late 2006 so is no stranger to how it all works.
I asked him how he thinks people’s reactions differ to male and female sex workers…

I find from my experiences that the majority of people’s attitudes towards the adult industry is that males are referred to as “studs” or “gigolos”, females as “sluts” or “whores”. The same tends to be true of society in general. If a guy meets a girl one Saturday night in a club and takes her home, it is usually just the female who is frowned upon. However, these are not views that I share within the industry nor society in general.

A very good point. Males seem to get hailed as heroes if they fuck for a living, whereas women are shamed and pitied. Ridiculous, huh?! In my experience, no one is in the business for any reason other than they ENJOY IT! It would seem that Sean thinks the same way…

Firstly, from my experiences, everybody who I have met in the industry are in it because they want to be. People who object to porn/sex work would clearly never work in it for whatever reasons they have and so usually cannot understand why we do it, instantly assuming we are all looking to feed an addiction or as therapy to mask some form of abuse in our pasts. This is far from the truth. I love the attention and being watched having sex turns me on immensely, whether that be on a porn set, hearing from guys who were getting off watching my amateur or professional work, or even a “cuckold” husband watching as I take his wife right there in front of him!

So, come on then Sean, it can’t all be amazing, right?! What’re the pros and cons, in your view?

From my experiences, the pros do out weigh the cons, although some can be more difficult to deal with than others. Pros include the extravagant lifestyle that male escorting especially can bring. With most of my clients being couples (I have only ever met two females on bookings – one an ex-escort and the other a friend of an escort!) the guy will often want to impress his female partner by booking lavish hotel suits with champagne on ice and a hot tub in the room as opposed to a budget hotel off the M1, although there have been a few of those too! Often sat next to the champagne on the table is a pile of crisp cash, my reward for bringing this private and intimate evening to the couple’s life. I have also met some amazing people, whether they be clients, other escorts, porn performers, videographers or photographers. One regular couple even wanted me to join them for part of their annual two week holiday at a private Mediterranean villa for an all expenses and fees paid fun time together, but unfortunately we just could not all be free for the same dates. It’s literally like living two lives – and I love it! Of course, the cash from escorting or the sales of movie clips and occasional paid porn scene is very nice too!
The cons are the restrictions that I can put on my body and mind. I aim to leave two to three days between bookings to ensure both my body and mind are fully refreshed, which does mean having to turn down many bookings from regular and new clients. Anything more often than that and performance can begin to suffer, whether it be mentally or physically. And it’s the same for any guy any age. I also feel that the clients respect me for that too. If I was leaving one appointment to go to another, my service would not be good and I would likely never see either couple again! So guys will find it hard to make a full time living out of the adult industry without something giving way – either on a porn set, escort booking or in his personal life. It is also very difficult to have a relationship when working as a porn performer/escort. It would take a very understanding partner from outside of the industry to accept this lifestyle, or the other option would be deceitful and keep it from them. I therefor choose to remain single, as dating somebody within the industry would, for me, open up a whole host of other problems.

See, guys?! It’s not all champagne and wall to wall pussy for a male escort! It’s hard work and requires a sensible head – which Sean does indeed have! As with any type of job, it does affect your life in more ways than just bringing home the bacon.
There are bad things about the job, as with any job – which Sean outlines in his next response…

As far as bad experiences are concerned, they have been very few and far between, the most notable being when a married couple arrived at my house for an in call escort booking and the female was so obviously being pushed into the meeting, We went ahead and did the deed, but she was very tense and did not want to undress. In hindsight I should have, and now would under the same circumstances, stopped things before they progressed. I have since heard from the guy asking to meet with me and his new girlfriend, so possibly that meeting was part of what helped terminate a failing relationship, so maybe I did her a favour in that respect after all! Also, in the porn industry guys can be treated like mindless pieces of meat with unnecessary pressures put on them by videographers/directors. Being told “you need to cum in 30 seconds” with no prior warning can have the complete opposite effect of what they want to achieve. A bit more TLC offered to the guys may result in them being able to produce much better scenes than some of the dross that is out there.

Sean’s final response, to the question “what do you like/dislike about your job?” is similar to one of my earlier contributors – remember Mystery Contributor X? She felt she had to keep this side of her life secret from her “vanilla” cohorts, on account of the undoubted reaction it would cause…

The thing I really dislike about working in the adult industry is having to keep it to myself and not letting my family and friends know what I do, as society does paint a very poor picture of the whole scene. I feel I have to protect them from people knowing that their son/brother/father/friend/etc etc is in the adult industry. A real shame in fact, as most of the people I know in the industry would get on with my friends and family really well.

A real shame indeed. When will people realise that sex work, is still just work?! It’s not a revolting, sinful, disgusting way of life, just a different one. Yes of course there are bad parts to it, but aren’t there in every occupation?! Such as government, the police, the banks…?! I digress, yet again. But Sean raised some very good points, as have all of the wonderful people who have contributed to my blog so far, and these points deserve attention and consideration! It’s all very well making judgements and making a career out of trying to ban porn and prostitution (*COUGH* Gail Dines & Co *COUGH*) but without having actually spoken to sex workers who, God forbid, like their job?! Come on now…
I cannot stay on track tonight haha! A very big thank you to Sean, for answering my questions and lending us a little further insight into his world. Go follow him on Twitter!

This week has seen a great response to my #NotJustAPrettyFace feature so I thought I’d finish it off with my own experiences before starting a new theme next week!

Where to start… I left sixth form after my A Levels and started a university course in BEd Primary Education – originally I wanted to be a teacher. However I soon decided that I did not like the way the education system worked and nor was I actually a fan of small kids so I left after one year – which I passed, by the by. I worked in a shop for six months or so before landing a job at the local county court, where I stayed for two years.
I was 20 when I started working there, and although I liked earning I felt that I hadn’t finished my further education journey and decided to go back. This time I enrolled at a different university on a BSc Psychology and Criminology undergraduate degree.

My time in county court meant that I’d developed an interest in the legal system and I wanted to go back into it with a little more training behind me – my plan was to work in either the prison, police or probation services in some psychological capacity. However, life didn’t work out that way! The recession hit in my second year and by the time I’d graduated the public sector had absolutely no job opportunities whatsoever. I left uni with a 2:1 that I worked my little ass off for, and nowhere to go. None of the jobs I wanted thought I had the relevant experience, whilst all the retail/office/pub/cleaning jobs wouldn’t hire me as I was overqualified and they didn’t trust that I wouldn’t leave as soon as something better came along.

To say this pissed me off was an understatement! I’m a clever girl and can do most things asked of me, I just wanted to work, man, and no one seemed to give me a break. So after six months on the bastard dole I signed up with a temping agency and started doing random office jobs before finally landing a permanent job for a travel company.

I absolutely, categorically, HATED this fucking job. I mean I was grateful to be in employment and earning a reasonable salary, but where was the amazing career promised me for being a university graduate?! Schools and colleges tell you that if you have a degree, the world is your oyster – it’s bullshit. It’s a distinct advantage, yes, and maybe one day when the economy recovers, this will be the case again – but I shan’t hold my breath.

Anyway – I digress. So after a year at this company being miserable, they buggers tried to sack me for gross misconduct – I shan’t go into details but basically I took them to court and they paid me off – I wasn’t in the wrong! But immediately following my dismissal, I panicked. What the hell was I going to do?! Frantically I called my old temping agency and they miraculously got me in at the magistrates court, but as I was also at college one day a week doing my nail technician course I only worked three days a week to begin with. This obviously was not enough to keep me going.
This, dear readers, is the point at which I ventured onto Adultwork! I’d heard about this site from a friend years back, but had been too scared to try it. This time, however, I thought – what have I got to lose?!

The first time I went on webcam I was petrified. For weeks I wouldn’t even show my face on there, just incase someone in court recognised me! But my first night on there I made about what I used to make in a week in court, on my crappy laptop with built in webcam and shockingly show internet connection.

And the rest, as they say, is history! I have never looked back since that very fist night on cam, drunk, nervous and terrified I’d be spotted by someone I knew. I kept it secret for ages but then started telling my friends and eventually my family. Thankfully everyone was supportive and actually thought it quite funny! Webcam opened up an awful lot of opportunities for me and I absolutely love life. I only wish I had started sooner – during my three years at university I had five different jobs (gym bar staff, local pub, office, HMV and gym receptionist) and even though these were flexible and allowed me to work around my studies, I know now that webcam would have been a far more lucrative endeavour for me – I wouldn’t now have the debt that I do. I’ve not had any negative responses to what I do, and I realise that I am very lucky in this respect. My family have always supported me 100% and even though this isn’t what they may have chosen for me, they understand why I chose this path and are proud of me for making a career in an industry that I love – despite its flaws, it allowed me to do things I never could have done staying what I was doing before. I’ve met fabulous people, travelled for work, won an award, I work from home as and when I choose, moved to a lovely flat I could never otherwise have afforded and have an enviable shoe collection! What more could a girl want?!

I do think that my degree helps me understand people better, which is vital when dealing with people in the manner that I do. Finding out what makes them tick and how to adapt what I do to suit their needs is really important, as it ensures they get the best service and will keep coming back. My regulars are brilliant and I genuinely love talking to them. My eyes are well and truly opened to all the weird and wonderful fetishes out there and nothing surprises me anymore – a topic for another blog perhaps?!

But anyway, that is how I ended up where I am now – there were many adventures along the way, which I shall regale you with some other time! I’m currently at ChatGirl right now, producing through the night, so make sure you’re watching and make sure you keep up to date with this blog – there’s way more to come…xxx

How we all doing today gang?!
So yesterday I had the most hits on my blog EVER! I am so pleased by the ositive comments and feedback that it’s receiving. Today I bring you the marvellous Kimberley Scott! (@sexyplaymatexxx)
Kimberley hails from Eastern Europe, now living in the UK, and describes herself as a “indi companion, party organizer and party girl, XXX/Glam/Adult model and performer, cam girl” – so she is a lady of many talents. She has been working in the adult industry since she was 18 years old so has seen it all! She is also a clever sort, and actually has a degree in Psychology – just like yours truly.

Initially I wanted to continue with MIT and System Administration (high school diploma is A of Graphic Design and Video Editing) but unfortunately there was no satisfying subject in the Uni of my lil town so I went to the capital, started my sex work (more free time for studies and of course a lot better pay). Dealing with different people every day made me re-think my study ambitions and I went for Psychology. At the end of the day I was and still am practicing it in my work so I just wanted to know what makes people tick. I just wanted to know what drives people to do the things they do.

Psychology is definitely very useful in this line of work, in my opinion, as it allows you understand how and why people may think the way that they do, and really get under their skin and provide the best service that you can!
Kimberley was already working in the adult industry when she began her studies – the money was good enough to allow her to fund herself through university, and she felt that she didn’t have that many options so adult work seemed like a good choice! As she said herself, the country she hails from isn’t know for looking after it’s people terribly well.
After university, Kimberley wanted to work in the police force, or as a forensic psychologist. However, this didn’t go to plan…

I’ve always wanted to be a police officer or at least in the forces. After 5 years in uni doing psychology I knew what I wanted to do – I wanted to be a forensic psychologist. Unfortunately there were way too many obstacles like corruption and sleaziness so I went on different path.

During her time at university, not many people we aware of Kimberley’s job, and she says that those that were, either weren’t that bothered or were doing the same thing themselves! She even hints that certain skillsets from the job may have helped certain people in their academic pursuits…

There weren’t that many people knew what I was doing but those that knew didn’t really care. It was more interesting to them how my world works than actually being prejudice. When I finished uni 40% of girls were doing my job to fund studies or just for better, glamorous life (In some case the marks were depending on certain skills too, hush hush of course)

Many times I have counted my blessings and been thankful that I live in a society where my choices are my own and that I have the support of my friends and family. Kimberley also says that she is lucky in this respect.

Thankfully western world is a lot more tolerant with sex work and women choosing to do that job so there is not that much surprise, unfortunately there are still some people thinking that we’re forced to do it and we’re wasting our potential. I’m blessed that my family and closest friends are ok with my job and I can share my thoughts and feelings free.

Some people, of course, do not have this attitude to sex workers, and Kimberley sums this up quite nicely in her final thoughts – citing religion and society as the biggest opposition in the fight for sexual freedom!

Sex work in general can be very rewarding in many ways – Financial independence, sexual freedom, knowing yourself better and overall well being. The society although makes it sound like biggest disgrace hiding behind Bible, old fashioned customs and some powerful people’s misunderstandings. In this day and age women can CHOOSE on their own to be sex workers or not. Yes, there is a dark side to it but isn’t there for everything? Yes, it is dangerous but tell me what job is not dangerous? At the end of the day that’s our lives and we going to live it the way we want to.

Wise words from a smart lady. I think that forcing small businesses into bankruptcy for profit is immoral, but you don’t see people protesting against banks as a whole. I also think that sitting around on your ass all day expecting the state to foot the bill for your lazy lifestyle is pretty wrong, but you don’t get people holding conferences discussing how this type of immorality eats away at our society and creates a horde of useless drones. Thank you, Kimberley, for your contribution to today’s blog – and keep up the good work girl!

Well gang I did promise you another mystery contributor today, didn’t I?! So here it is. This little lovely is a cam girl, but again I don’t know much else other than what she has very kindly agreed to tell me!
Not only is she a webcam whizz, she also likes to indulge in phone chat, too – but get this boys and girls, Mystery Lady X also has a 2:1 in BA Fashion! Prior to this she had studied a Fine Art BTEC Foundation degree, which earned her a distinction. So not only is she a professional potty mouth she’s also super clever and creative too!
Mystery Lady X actually went and worked in the fashion industry upon graduating from uni, for five years before getting into webcam work. However, when a friend told her about webcam work, things changed…

…I had a lot of fun on my first few nights on my shitty laptop and ancient webcam and made more money in 4 nights then I did in a week in my current job and really enjoyed myself. Thought it must have been a fluke what I made, but tried it again. Two weeks later I handed my notice in at my fashion job and I’m still Camming, and now funding a long travelling trip, which I could never have afforded to do before and then have hopes to be able to fund a Fetish/Erotic clothing company in the future.

Mystery Lady X commented that she sometimes feels that she has to lie or be evasive about her job when meeting new people – and sometimes the people who have the least favourable reaction to her job is actually other girls, whereas guys seem a little intimidated by it…

It’s a mixture. I do always feel like I need to defend myself or make up lies when meeting new people if they ask what I do. It’s mainly other girls, as we can be bitches, who judge me. Some are like, oh wow tell me what the guys do etc, asking for funny stories, while others turn their noses up and think I’m a slag. So I have learnt not to be so open when meeting new people, unless I get to know them a bit first. I tend to have fun making up what I do for a living. My bikini waxer thinks I am a make up artist and my manicurist thinks I am a model. (which I kinda do include in my webcamming) I know its lying but its fun playing different characters! Men always make jokes or if they are my boyfriends friends they act a bit nervous around me at first thinking I am some kind of pornstar when really I am far from it! But when they get to know me they are cool about it and don’t even mention it.

I too have experienced this and make up jobs for myself – either jobs I have already done (I told people at my friend’s wedding I worked in the court service) or made up ones – I told someone I worked at the zoo once!
I’ve often been met with disappointed looks when I tell people I have a degree, but work in this industry. Mystery Lady X also has experienced this:

People are surprised when I tell them I have a degree, worked in that field I studied and got the t-shirt etc, yes. A few do get a bit like, what the fuck, when I tell them how I handed in my notice to become a webcam girl which I guess is a bit out there to some. I have told a couple of trusted regular punter who were pleased to hear about my qualifications and said well done to me. Some see it as a waste which is hard to agree as I have actually worked in the industry studied but they think I have failed somehow cos I now ‘take my clothes of for a living,’ which is a misconception cos I do a lot more than that.

I often say I wish I had found webcamming whilst I was at uni – it would have saved me a whole lot of grief financially. It seems I am not the only one!

I wish I had found out about webcamming while I was at uni. I would have used it to fund myself whilst at uni instead of still having the debt hanging over my head now. But I’ve studied the degree I had always wanted since school and even worked in the industry with a lot of hard work, so have done what I wanted, now I’m having fun. Working the hours I want, being who I have always been, An exhibitionist but I still sit and make and sew things only now they are exclusive for my punters on cam! And using my webcamming to fund ventures in my future.

So it seems I have a lot in common with Mystery Lady X! Degree educated webcammers who love the freedom our unconventional careers affords us. Heaven forbid we change career direction and do a job we love, eh?!

This again is a slightly different angle for my continuing piece on educated porn professionals, but an interesting and valid one all the same. Super talented photographer and producer John Tisbury (@johntisbury, @Erotica_babes) has offered us his views on perceptions and attitudes to adult oriented work, empowering women, and of course his education!
John owns and runs as well as being a producer. John is what I like to call, a proper photographer. He is a fellow of the Royal Photographic Society, and has even won an award for Erotic Artist of the Year 2010! His photography is utterly beautiful, and he has very kindly even sent me some images to attach to this piece! He studied BSc Science at university, graduating with a 2:1 – not to be sniffed at! Interestingly, John said that he feels his Science degree has actually helped him in his work (who’d have though it, eh?!)…

the degree covered some very useful subject areas from marketing through to systems practice. Many of the themes and subject areas drop into my day-to-day work so I’ve found the education rewarding and useful as I’ve been able to put the theory into practise.

As a photographer, John doesn’t really encounter prejudices or negative responses to what he does – in fact, it would seem to be quite the opposite!

…in the last 2 years I decided to shoot more explicit stills and video content under a new brand I feel people are more open talking about nudity, certainly the rise in interest in the boudoir market has helped to convince many people to have some risqué images of themselves taken by a professional photographer, for their partner or lover. I find many woman love my work as they see the beauty, the art, the creativity in my work. Most of the men have a more testosterone fuelled response to my work. However, both are customers and they buy my work because they like it, whatever their underlying motivations.

And if you check out the following images, you will see just why women love John’s work – myself included! I would love to gt in front of his lens sometime!

Photos by John Tisbury - thank you!

Photos by John Tisbury – thank you!




I love being creative and original with my work, I try and push boundaries and making people think about nudity. I aim to portray that nudity can be sexy, strong, erotic and provocative. I like to shoot my art photography and the more explicit work with the same approach; quality over quantity with careful consideration to lighting, concept and theme. If I can make people think about the images I produce then for me I’ve achieved something. John Tisbury, 2014

Morning all!
I am so pleased with the feedback my last few posts have got. Such is the level of response, I am carrying on this theme for the next day or so! It just goes to show, that you really cannot judge a book by it’s cover, nor a person by their job!
Today’s first #NotJustAPrettyFace comes from an anonymous contributor. I do not know anything about this person other than what is written in their answers, but I can tell you, that she’s a lady! Mystery Contributor Z is a part time escort, working through an agency. The reason for only being part time is that she actually works full time as a Communications Manager, which she studied for via Distance Learning whilst raising her children. Her degree is in Leadership & Management, so she is not a shrinking violet, oh no! Studying for a degree is hard enough at the best f times, let alone whilst raising a family, so this is a very clever and determined lady indeed!
When I asked her how she get into the escorting, this was her reply:

My hubby and I have always had an open minded relationship and we started introducing others into our relationship as part of our social activities. After a while we thought “hey, we could make some cash out of this and have fun too” so I started ‘working’ a few evenings a week when the kids were away for the night. But, I never wanted this work to be my main source of income, that would take the fun out of it for me.

Again, like my last post, Mystery Lady Z keeps her “adult” and “vanilla” lives very separate, for several reasons, not least on account of having a family but also because she is all too aware of how such things are perceived by others:

People at my ‘normal’ job have no idea that I do what I do in my spare time and I prefer it that way. I have a professional image which would be ruined by prejudice in the workplace if they knew. So sad really.
Clients are often surprised to hear I have a normal job and a degree, I’m honest with them and I tell them that I do this work for fun and to top up my handbag/shoe fund which is what I blow the money on most weeks :-).
I love what I do, my hubby loves what I do, I like to think my clients love what I do and that’s what makes me happy in life – along with my kids of course (who are completely and blissfully unaware of my work when they are at grannies house)

I know a lot of escorts and porn performers that have husbands and families. I think people’s initial reactions to this are – “oh my God, thats terrible” – but why? As Mystery Lady Z has just said, she’s happy, hubby is happy, and her children are looked after and well cared for – and enjoying happy parents, which is seriously underrated in my opinion! But because of people’s prejudices and ignorance, she feels that she has to keep this part of her life shrouded in secrecy, so much so that she didn’t want to lend her name to this piece. It’s very sad that people can make such snap judgements based on, what I think, absolutely bloody nothing other than societal and media propaganda. So I want to say an extra especial thanks to Mystery Lady Z, for letting us have a sneak peek into her otherwise very secret world!
Gone off topic with the degree thing there, but my mind likes to wander! Part 5 will be coming up shortly from a photographer/producer, and Part 6 is another Mystery Lady! Don’t miss it!

Part 3 of my little mini-series on adult workers with university qualifications (I might make this a week long feature, such is the level of response I’ve had!) brings you one Mr Sam Clarkson! (@MrSamClarkson)

Sam is a very rare breed of gentleman, in that he is a male webcammer. These creatures are few and far between, (an idea for a later blog feature, perhaps?!) so it was great when he offered to contribute to what I was banging on about today.

Mr Clarkson is also a university graduate, having studied architecture. He began webcamming whilst at university, as this kind of work is so flexible! You can webcam whenever you like and the only one moaning t you about work is you! No horrible boss trying to make you come in when you have an important lecture or seminar to attend. (I wish I had discovered webcam work when I was at uni!)

Although Sam originally expected he would leave the webcam work behind upon completion of his studies, he actually still keeps it up regularly alongside his day job. A real life Peter Parker, of sorts…kinda…a dual life anyway! I like hearing about people who have a “vanilla” job but then also a totally different alter ego in the adult world, it fascinates me!

Sam really does keep the two sides very separate – for good reason!

I don’t encounter prejudice – My camming job and my day job are very separate. In fact both sides are pretty much a secret from each other. No day job folks know I cam. And very few camming folks know I have a day job.
However, I do things this way to avoid expected prejudice!

He also commented that although people on webcam are often surprised to learn he is university educated, students are often not surprised at his line of work – and it’s apparently more common than I thought!

People are always surprised when they learn I’m educated AND work on cam. Especially if they’ve seen my Adultwork profile. They get a very different sense of the person I might be from only reading that page. However the other way around… Students are not so surprised about the camming line of work. I know quite a number that have done it or tried it whilst at uni.

So there you go, dear readers, another very different perspective on working in the adult industry from another degree level educated individual! Part 4 will be on it’s way, from an anonymous contributor…oooh, I love a bit of mystery, me!

Here’s part 2 of my exploration of adult workers with degrees and an education! Yes, the two can co-exist hand in hand, you don’t need to be a dumbass to get naked for a living, contrary to popular belief!

“Adult worker” can cover many different occupations, although the dictionary defines this term as a polite term for prostitution. Webcam model, phone sex operator, dancer, porn star, escort…or, a naked handyman!

@mynakedhandyman very kindly agreed to answer some questions for me in my quest to show the nay-sayers that not everyone who is nude at work is an illiterate, uneducated fool, as society at large would have us believe. As his Twitter handle may suggest, Andy is a naked handyman! He gets paid to do work for both couples and singles, whilst totally in the buff. He will also include some little added extras, if they so desire!

Andy is super clever – he already has a degree in English, and is now currently studying again for his Masters in Marketing and PR, with a view to starting his own PR agency some day. He began his foray into all things naked during his first spell at university, working as a stripper and a life model. As with so many graduates – myself included – after university he was struggling with debts and did various jobs to get by, but found out that he could get paid handsomely for doing people’s odd jobs and cleaning whilst starkers! In fact, he liked it so much, that he still does it to this day!

When I asked Andy if he has ever encountered any prejudice or negative responses to what he does, he said:

Not that many people know I do what I do but anyone who has found out has generally been supportive. The males think it’s a great idea and the women are quite often very curious!

Andy made a very good point about perception when I went to ask if people are surprised or shocked when they find out he is studying at university:

I’ve not had that many people be surprised when I tell them I’m back studying. I’ve always been relatively keen on education and I’m well spoken so people often think I’m more intelligent that I am! Sadly, the power of an accent nowadays can mask anything – it’s all about image. This is why I’m very keen on getting into PR – it’s all about people’s perception.

Andy’s final words on the subect remind me of careers day at school – and I wish I had paid more attention back then!

If anyone out there wants to study – go for it. It’s never too late and there’s never anything that’s not worthwhile studying – if it interests you, then you’ll find it both challenging and rewarding.

So there you go, guys – you CAN study at Masters level AND get yer kit off for a living! Stigmas are attached by people – and can be removed by them, too. Open up your mind – your brains won’t fall out, and something nice might just fall in…Part 3 coming up!