Lockdown 2.0

Well, here we are back in lockdown here in the UK. Can’t say I am all that surprised, I think everyone saw this coming, but what can we do about it?! Not much, let me tell you.

So I thought I would take this opportunity to remind you all how you can interact with me online during this time – again!

One platform I have been LOVING this year is Dommeline! I only signed up at the start of the year and I really like it there. It’s so simple to use, was easy to set up, and I’ve had so many great phone calls on there. I have my lines turned on pretty much daily, so you can always get hold of me on there (unless I’m already on the phone to someone else) – especially now lots of you are back at home twiddling your thumbs. Dommes – if you’re interested in signing up, please use my referral link by clicking HERE and feel free to ask me any questions about it.

I have always enjoyed phone chat – from way back in my early days on Babestation, to the much ruder online alternatives, the likes of Niteflirt, Adultwork phone chat – I have always liked gassing away on the phone. I have had phone chats in very odd places – the supermarket, in the car, up a tree, in front of my friend’s husband by accident once – I can be anywhere and talking about anything, and I admit I enjoy the thrill of shocking people as they hear snatches of conversation as they walk by!

One thing I don’t like is silent calls, however. For some reason I have just never got into those – I like to have a conversation with someone, not gabble away into a silent void. I appreciate that this may not always be possible for some, but in that case, I am not your girl. Partly because I don’t enjoy it, and partly because, despite being very good at what I do, I am not a mind-reader; and without any input from you, chances are I will go off down a rabbit hole that you may not wish to explore! I am however happy to pre-record audio files for you – like a custom video, but just audio. Get in touch if this is something you are interested in.

I will be available on cam as usual – you can click on the Webcam tab in the menu for further information on that, however I am available on Adultwork, as well as taking Skype/FaceTime/WhatsApp video calls. I am available during the day time, from fairly early morning up until around 6pm – I like to go to bed VERY early, so my days of late night camming are well behind me.

You can also book PTV messaging sessions with me on TiffanyNaylor.com. You will need to make sure you are subscribed first, and then drop me a message, outlining what you would like to talk about. You will need to make sure I am available at the time you wish to chat – I am a very busy lady and I am not always available at the drop of a hat – or text. As with everything, money talks – if you want my attention it has to be worth my while!

My clip stores are still going, although my upload schedule is shot to shit – the curse of 2020. Tomorrow I have a BRAND NEW Giantess Clip going live both on TiffanyNaylor.com and TiffanyNaylorClips.com – if this is your thing, make sure you check it out.

Giantess Tiffany: A Tasty Treat – coming soon!

That’s all for now folks – stay safe and stay awesome xx

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