It’s time to talk about spitting.

Spitting is a very interesting fetish, and one that I don’t think gets its fair share of the limelight. Granted, it tends to be part of a larger kink or scene much of the time, rather than as a standalone kink, but that’s one of the things that is so great about it! It’s so versatile and can be incorporated into so many types of play.

Now, outside of a sexual or kinky setting, I HATE spitting. People spitting in the street sets off a rage in me so fierce that I could be inspired to murder. It’s disgusting – especially at the moment, when, you know, there’s a global pandemic sweeping the earth. People gobbing in the street should be burned at the stake. Or at least made to suffer some other horrible punishment for being revolting.

However. I must confess that I LOVE spitting sessions! I hate being spat on myself (see above for details of what would happen if anyone tried it), but there is something about spitting straight into someone else’s face that is so disdainful, so powerful, that I can’t quite put my finger on! It’s such a relatively small act, but it speaks volumes to the power balance between the spitter and the spittee. To have someone beg to be spat on, to be humiliated in such a way, I find freeing – having permission to do something that usually I find so disgusting and vile in others within a setting where such a thing is encouraged and wanted – well, it’s just great isn’t it?!

I think at the moment a lot more people seem to be exploring spitting fetishes – probably because of the pandemic. It’s the ultimate taboo , at the moment, isn’t it? We are supposed to stay away from each other, cover our faces, wash our hands endlessly – so to be up close and personal with somebody, having them spit directly into your face – well, it’s the naughtiest thing someone could do right now, right?! It’s dirty, it’s forbidden – and we all know about the lure of the forbidden, don’t we, boys and girls?

I have made a few Spitting / Spit Fetish clips over the years, although despite what I’ve just said about how much I enjoy it, I haven’t made loads of specific movies in this genre – it’s usually part of a different category of clip, and not the main focus. I think it’s because I find it quite hard to do spitting clips without someone to spit at or on – it’s tricky trying not to spit all over my camera/table/floor etc! Of course it’s easy to clean up but it grosses me out – perhaps I can only really enjoy it in the presences of a human spittoon. However if it’s something that proves to be popular of course I will create more – put your money where your mouth is and show me if that’s what you wanna see!

Here’s some of my favourite Spitting clips that I have made in the past:

I do quite a bit of spitting on webcam, too. Again, it’s not quite as fun as doing it in person, but it can work really well – especially if I’ve been eating a certain type of sweet that makes my saliva froth up like a volcano! I even used to sell sample bottles of my spit, way back in the day – although that was before the Post Office got super paranoid about what was in my parcels – I’m not a brilliant liar, and I got stressed out trying to think of what I could say I was posting! One Post Office lady shook the parcel and said it seemed like it was a small bottle of water in it, as she could hear it slopping around – I had to say it was a bottle of craft glitter?! I don’t think she believed me, but I couldn’t very well have said it was a bottle of my spit, could I?! Pretty sure Royal Mail wouldn’t have stood for that! Although I wish they’d appreciated just how long it takes to fill up a bottle with spit – and how vile it smells whilst you’re doing it!

That’s about all I have to say about spitting for now, so I shall wrap this post up for the time being. If this is your thing, then check out my clip store, or even order a custom clip of your own – use the contact form on the front page of my site. If you liked this post, please like, share and comment!

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