The Thrill of the Outcall

Recently I did something that I have not done in years – and that was an outcall to a hotel.

When I began escorting, many moons ago, I would only do outcalls. I didn’t have a base to work from, I was new, naïve as fuck and not really sure what the hell I was doing. My very first punt was an outcall to a guy’s house – I made sure people knew where I was and took all the precautions I could, and luckily for me the experience was a brilliant one – but since switching to Domming, I have always worked out of a dungeon, providing incalls. There are certainly pros and cons to both, and this post isn’t about favouring one over the other, or delving into the differences between the two. I wanted to write about the absolute thrill of doing an outcall to a hotel, which I had forgotten about, having not done it in almost 7 years!

There is just something about walking into a hotel to meet a client that I find very exciting. In my younger days I was not subtle about it either! I remember strutting into a hotel once, which was clearly hosting oldies evening, in a fur coat and high heels – it was painfully obvious what I was there for! Not least when I left an hour later looking a little dishevelled…well, I gave the old folk something to talk about over their tea and crumpets!

I have never been caught or questioned when doing hotel meets, which I suppose makes my experience different to others who may have had this happen to them. Whilst it has certainly been very obvious what I was doing, and the staff have given me knowing glances, I haven’t had a bad experience in a hotel. That’s not to say they don’t happen – they most certainly do, and I am not trying to glorify something that some sex workers may have found traumatic or dangerous or harmful. There is just something about doing something so blatantly obvious, so blatantly naughty, and getting away with it – whilst also having a great time and getting paid – that has always satisfied me in ways that perhaps incalls have not. For me it’s similar to the feeling of having the knowledge of a great big, fat, juicy secret – one that would seriously shock people if they knew (and trust me I have loads of those!) – and I guess that’s exactly what it is. I am walking into a normal place with normal people around, doing something that these people would be shocked, surprised, horrified by – it makes me feel evil and powerful and splendid all at the same time! I also always have a backstory planned just in case I do get accosted – it’s usually something so boring and mundane that no one would be interested in delving further. Despite being a terrible liar, I am very good at coming up with cover stories – one client and I were once accosted by a friend of his at the Proms, who asked how we met – my client looked like he was about to die of awkwardness, but I made up a perfect cover story on the spot that should have earned me a Bafta!

This latest adventure was so deliciously easy that it couldn’t have been simpler if we had tried – the lifts to the rooms were straight in front of the main doors, so it was no drama to waltz through the entrance and straight into the lift. It was with one of my very long-term regulars who has not been to see me in an obscenely long time, so I knew I wasn’t in any imminent danger in that regard. I also didn’t see a single member of staff either, so to be honest it was the most straightforward outcall I’ve ever done! But I still got that buzz, that thrill, of knowing I was up to no good in a place where other people were around and might have sussed me out and been scandalised. It always makes me chuckle to myself – walking into a hotel room, getting out a load of BDSM equipment, doing some very weird and wonderful stuff then walking back out again in my normal clothes as if nothing has happened! Although this time I forgot to take the dildo out of my handbag before going to the bank the following day – now that could have been an interesting tale if they’d searched my bag!

I won’t be making a habit of doing outcalls again, because as I am sure I have mentioned before I am lazy and can’t be bothered going here and there all over the place – I much rather that my visitors come to me. And of course, the dungeon is such a wonderful place to work from – absolutely full to the brim with toys and equipment and tools and things to hurt you with – that I have no need to go anywhere else! But I very much enjoyed my little sojourn to a hotel recently, and it brought back some very fond memories of outcalls past. Perhaps I shall detail some of them in future blogs – let me know if you’d like to hear about them by commenting below. And as always, please subscribe to and follow my blog!

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