Unsold Clips: 2017

Continuing my nostalgic trip back through my clip archives, this post brings us to 2017. In 2016, I only had five unsold clips across my clip store (allowing for the format issue, which I mentioned in my last Unsold Clips post, which you can read here). 2017 was a different story – I did produce more clips, so I guess that has some bearing on the numbers – but in 2017, the following clips did not sell:

A Valentine’s Treat
Shoe Worship & Trampling FULL VERSION
Nude in Denim Boots
Worship Our Stockinged Feet
Suffer for Our Amusement
Christmas Rinsing
Deck Your Balls With Boughs of Holly
Silent Night Tease
Suck Santa’s Dick
Ding Dong Merrily Get High

Twelve clips this time. Now this is a completely accurate representation, as I stopped doing the multi format uploads halfway through 2016. From around June 2016 I was only uploading in MP4 format, so there were no format duplicates. These are exactly the clips that did not sell that were released that year.

I noticed that all my Christmas themed clips did not sell that year! I am not really a Christmassy person, and I very rarely ever did or do themed clips, so maybe this was a sign to not bother. However I had managed to figure out how to make it look like it was snowing in these videos, which is still my greatest video editing/SFX achievement to date (I don’t think I could do it now though, I’ve forgotten how I did it!) so that is somewhat disappointing! Or maybe that’s why they didn’t sell – no one wants to be distracted by falling snow in their fetish videos!

Anyway, as previously, I’ve added the hyperlinks to take you directly to the clips in my store – just click on them. And please, someone buy and appreciate my (very limited) SFX skills and buy the Christmas snowing ones!

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