LockDown Diaries – 3rd April 2020

How’s quarantine treating you all? I must admit, despite being used to working at home and being on my own, I’ve had a few difficult days! Staring at the same four walls day in, day out, is not conducive to happy mind, but I am able to do a lot of things to take care of myself, and I hope you are too, wherever you may be and whatever your circumstances are.

I have lots of new clips dropping this weekend, over on TiffanyNaylorClips.com – this is my Clips4Sale store. C4S are paying their performers 100% commission throughout the month of April, so although I do use other clip selling platforms, for this month MY PREFERRED SITE IS C4S. You will really be helping me out in this time of madness by visiting TiffanyNaylorClips.com and buying your clips from there (there’s over 1000 to choose from, by the way..!).

This weekend, I am spoiling you with a new Giantess clip TODAY, a Trampling clip went up yesterday, and a muddy Boot Worship clip is on the way on Saturday! So there is a little something for everyone on the way to keep you entertained this weekend. I expect there will be a lot of solo POV videos coming from me over the next few weeks, once I’ve exhausted my stock of clips filmed with others.

i’m really missing human contact – I haven’t kicked a nutsack or squeezed a nipple in weeks now! I haven’t hugged my friends or family, or anyone else, in just as long. its made me realise just how much I need human contact, and just how much I love inflicting pain on willing male flesh. Whoever comes to see me first after all this is in for a VERY intense session! Could you handle it?! I’m gonna need an orderly queue of balls for busting, as well as a LOT of foot rubs!

As always, I am available on webcam and my phone lines are open. I have a special offer on webcam for those starting out on Adultwork, if you have any questions or need any help. I would love to be able to offer these services for free but a bitch gotta eat, so this is priced competitively. Check it out here. Similarly, if you just want to call and talk to someone, about anything at all, please do. Isolation can be really hard and I understand that sometimes, just hearing another person’s voice can be so grounding and healing. You don’t have to talk to me about kinky stuff, we can chat about anything you like. You can call me on Niteflirt or Adultwork or IWantPhone, so long as I’m logged in for taking calls!

Call Me!

Not many people use it, but you can text me via Adultwork too. An easy and discreet way to stay in touch. Simply go to my profile and scroll down to the bottom – you will see a text box. Type whatever you like in there and it will be sent straight to my phone! If you don’t like that way of texting me, you can sign up at TiffanyNaylor.com and we can converse through PTV messaging.

So that’s my little roundup for this week – stay safe and well, and have a lovely weekend!

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