Pondering Pedal Pumping

Another day, another blog post regarding an obscure fetish! This time, I wanted to focus the spotlight on Pedal Pumping!

You can watch the full clip here

As with some of the other niches I know and love, I can’t remember exactly when I first became aware of pedal pumping as a Fetish. For those who aren’t familiar, Pedal Pumping is exactly what it sounds like –getting off to watching women pump the gas pedal/accelerator in a car. Either someone had told me about it, or I received a custom video order asking me to do it, but it was so long ago that I honestly can’t remember. What I do remember is after putting out maybe one or two Pedal Pumping (I shall abbreviate to PP from now on!) video clip, I started to get A LOT of custom orders.

I can’t even remember what car I was driving at the time, but suddenly I was filming loads of PP clips. And the great thing about it was, being entirely non-nude and non-sexual, I could get all sorts of people to help me film them – my friends, my sisters, even my Dad has filmed a pedal pumping clip for me! One in particular springs to mind, where I was asked to repeatedly stall the car. Now, at the time, I was driving my sister’s car because mine had conked out on me. To this day I have never told her that I spent half an hour driving her car around, stalling it (this was the clip my Dad filmed with me so I know my secret is safe)!

PP is often considered to be an offshoot of Foot Fetish, and I can see how this makes sense – PP videos are often solely (pun intended) focused on the feet of the driver on the pedals. Most of my clips focus on just my feet, in various different types of footwear – trainers/sneakers, heels, wellies, bare feet and so on. However, some of them definitely lean more towards the damsel in distress territory. My car is playing up, it stalls, it won’t start, I’ve broken down…and I don’t think I need to give too much attention to the reasons behind why guys dig that particular vibe. Those clips tend to be more focused on the engine sounds; revving, the engine choking/turning over, and such like. This leads me to wonder whether pedal pumping is connected to some sort of car fetish – or mechanophilia, as it is known. Perhaps it is simply symbolic – the revving of the engine makes the guy think of his own lust revving up inside him.

Driving in my Domme Boots! Watch it here

One particular request came through which involved me “Domming” the car. The guy asked me if I could “teach the car a lesson” for not starting by driving it really hard, revving the engine hard, changing gear right at the last minute, really hard and fast driving. I had to decline this order for several reasons:

  1. I do not want to drive irresponsibly and put myself and other road users at risk
  2. I do not want to get any driving convictions or points on my license
  3. I drive a 2.0 turbo Diesel and it already makes me feel bad about what I’m doing to the environment
  4. I don’t want to risk damaging my car

Having said that, I was intrigued by the notion of a submissive guy relating to a car being driven harshly by a Domme. I guess I could kind of get my head around it, although that is some next level projection skill there. Another order I had to decline actually really unnerved me. I’ve had a lot of horrible communication in the past – it comes with the territory. However, this request really got to me, and although I do not wish to kink shame, I do want to mention it. It’s important to know your limits and to be able to say no to things you are not comfortable with – you don’t have to accept every custom request that comes your way!

So, as I mentioned previously, I drive an old diesel VW. It sounds and handles like a tank so it’s good for PP videos as it makes a lot of noise (although she’s got a brand new engine in her now, she’s a little less vocal!), and it’s a manual so there’s lots of feet on pedal action changing up and down the gears. However, as I also mentioned earlier, I am feeling more and more guilt about driving it and ruining the planet. But there’s not a huge amount I can do about it at the moment, for various reasons! Anyway, I got a custom order request through asking me to drive out to somewhere in the countryside. So far, so good – I love being outside so any excuse to do so is ok with me.

The email then went on to explain that he wanted me to park up, with the engine still running. He then wanted me to sit in the car and just continuously rev the engine, over and over, all the while talking about the thick black exhaust fumes billowing out of the tailpipe, polluting the air, choking the trees, suffocating the birds…it was awful, went into extreme detail about poisoning the atmosphere and I was horrified. It made me feel so uncomfortable because I could not figure out what this guy’s deal was. Why did he want to jack off to the destruction of the planet? I know people will slap it to some really weird shit and for the most part, I’m not fazed by much anymore. But that one really chilled me.

That was a very unusual clip request and mostly, on the whole, the PP crowd are lovely! I do get loads of odd requests to drive particular cars or other vehicles (I mean guys, come on, I don’t live in a car lot, how easy do you think it is to get hold of random old cars constantly?!?) but most of them are happy with my trusty old VW. I would love to drive something like a tractor, or a VW campervan! Those would make some excellent PP clips.

So that’s a very brief look at PP – I would love to hear from any of you that may be into this fetish and find out why you like it! I am sure I will revisit another time, but for now check out my Pedal Pumping videos in my clip store – order a custom if you like them!

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