Supporting Sex Workers during Self Isolation – Self Isolation Promo!

Unless you’ve been living under a rock for the last few weeks, you will be aware of the global outbreak of Corona virus, or COVID-19. It is affecting everyone, worldwide, whether or not they have the virus. These are incredibly uncertain and scary times and I wanted to take a moment to mention ways in which you can help Sex Workers during this time.

lots of us may be self isolating for a multitude of different reasons. Sessions, in person meets, shoot days – all these are grinding to a halt in an attempt to protect ourselves from catching or spreading the virus. So Sex Workers across the world will be turning to their online business.

you can support your favourite Sex Workers online by webcamming with them, calling their phone sex lines, signing up to their subscription sites, sending them supplies and gifts from their wishlists, and most importantly, TIP THEM! We will all still have bills to pay and mouths to feed even if we are all in quarantine – we still need to be able to work.

All my links are at the top of the page – my clip sites, cam sites, phone sex lines, and subscription site. I will be updating and available as much as I can on these platforms whilst we wait for the world to figure out what happens next.

I am running a Self-Isolation Promo over on – from now until the end of March I will be offering a 25% discount for all new subscribers. So instead of $9.99, it will cost you just $7.99! Head on over and take advantage of this rare opportunity! Similarly, for my fellow sex workers, sign up to AVN Stars using my referral link, and I will happily promote and retweet you – click HERE!

Please look after yourselves and others as much as you are able. I know it’s a really scary time and the uncertainty around it doesn’t help – reach out to people if you need help. The only thing any of us can do, is to take care and keep going. Be safe.

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