Public Piss Play

A quick cursory glance through my clip store will show you that I love outdoor play! I absolutely adore the great outdoors and I am never happier than when I am out and about in nature. So, it stands to reason that I take my work outside with me.

I have been indulging in public play since my very early days in sex work. I am not into public humiliation or BDSM per se; I personally don’t feel comfortable flaunting what I’m doing in front of non-consenting participants. But I do like public play that is going on right under people’s noses, without them knowing, and I would like to tell you about the first time I did this…

I wonder if it’s worth mentioning that much of my early formative sexual experiences took place outdoors. I lost my virginity in public, I spent much of my younger years having sex in very public places (occasionally getting caught!) and as such, it feels pretty normal to me. But I appreciate that not everyone sees it this way, and it is important to mention public indecency laws! Bottom line, just don’t upset anybody or get caught, ok?!

Back when I was a baby Domme, I received a session request for some public piss drinking. I had never met this client before but he seemed cool and had an idea that appealed to me immensely. He wanted to meet me in the local shopping centre and go for a drink. So far so good. He asked me to meet him at a local fast food outlet – one of those places where your drink comes in one of those large, completely opaque cardboard cups with a lid and a straw. So, this is what we did – he ordered me an extra-large Coke and we sat and talked whilst I drank.

Drink up…!

After about 20 minutes or so I needed to pee, so I went off to the loo and took my – now empty – cup with me. I’m sure that by now, you can guess where this is going – yes, I relieved myself into the cup, replaced the lid, and walked back to our table. I placed the drink in front of him and he started sipping nonchalantly. In a busy burger joint, full of people, this guy was drinking my urine. I found the whole thing so funny and so different from anything I had done before, that I wanted the fun to continue.

At this point its probably worth mentioning that this is not how a regular session with me is conducted these days, and I’ve never done anything like this since. I’m not against the idea of doing so again, but it’s a treat that would have to be earned!

Anyway, we decided to wander around the shops for a bit, whilst he continued sipping on my golden nectar. As a very inexperienced and fresh-out-the-box Domme, I actually found it fascinating to talk to someone who had been around the scene for years and had a wealth of knowledge to impart. It was also totally surreal to me that I was wondering around the town where I lived, with a complete stranger, who just so happened to be drinking my piss (and paying me for it)! It was so deliciously deviant and surreptitious, so simple and yet so unusual. I loved it.

A typical British shopping centre – who knew it would make a good place for a session?!

Soon, the cup was almost empty again, but our time together was not finished. So, we walked to the local Wetherspoons (which was pretty full at 4pm on a weekday afternoon) and he ordered us two pints of Coke. I downed mine pretty quickly whilst waiting for him to finish his, which was just as well – because I took his empty pint glass with me to the ladies, refilled it, and walked back to the table!

What happens in Wetherspoons, stays in Wetherspoons…!

Fortunately, no one noticed (or gave me any indication that they had noticed!) me walking into the loos with an empty glass, and walking out with a full one – it was also quite clearly not anything BUT piss. We sat there in full view of anyone who cared to look, as he nonchalantly sipped on his pint of piss like it was the most normal thing in the world. Even taking the extra risk of using a clear glass, rather than the opaque Burger King cup, did nothing to alert people around us to what was going on.

Pint of piss, barkeep!

The “session” ended shortly after that pint, and off he went. That guy came to film with me one day about a year later, but I have never seen or heard from him again since then. But this remains one of my favourite kinky adventures, and one that I recall fondly. It was so brazen and yet so discreet, nobody knew what we were doing or what was going on and yet, had someone had cause to glance over and take in the scene they would have realised immediately what we were up to. But as it is not something one expects to see whilst going about their day, no one gave a second thought to the young woman and the older guy sitting in the corner, talking quietly as they drank. This is the kind of public play that I do enjoy – subtle, unobtrusive, inconspicuous. I don’t like my play disturbed by onlookers who are not consenting to what’s happening. I like to conduct my public play right under the noses of those around us who have no idea what’s going on – but we know what’s going on don’t we

I shall leave it there for now, as if I were to write about all my public experiences we would be here for days – perhaps, if you enjoyed this blog, you could hit the “Like” button below, and let me know if you’d like to hear more tales of my outdoor exploits!

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