Giantess Fetish & Why I Love It!

I thought I would take the time to write a little bit about how I ended up getting into Giantess Fetish – or macrophilia, to give it its scientific name.

I first became aware of Giantess Fetish in around 2012, when I filmed for All Fetish Forums for the first time (These guys are wonderful people to work for, by the way – tell them Tiff said hi!). True to their name, they covered a variety of different fetishes, and Giantess (or “tinies”, as I first heard it called) was one of them. This often involved picking up little tiny men, and eating them, squashing them under my arse, trampling on them, and so on. I learned it was important to make constant reference to how small they were, and how big and powerful I was – as a skinny thing of around 5’6”, this appealed to me – men were jacking off to me being physically bigger than they were. I could get my head around that a lot more easily than a lot of other fetishes I have encountered over the years.

Fast forward about a year and I was working with the very lovely Giantess Productions. His business was new and just starting out, and I responded to a casting call because I had some – very limited – knowledge of the fetish due to working with AFF. This first shoot went very well – I even had my own tiny people that I had ordered online to play around with and have a go at shooting some of my own Giantess content. However, as is the way, this particular niche fell by the wayside for me for a few years, as I focused on other things.

Fast forward again to the beginning of 2019 and I teamed up with Giantess Productions once more – and hadn’t things changed since 2013?! I was totally different, Mr. GP had some seriously cool new kit to play with, and his production had improved exponentially since the last time I had worked with him! This shoot was an absolute blast – I have since come to learn that lots of other fetishes play really nicely into the Giantess niche – such as foot fetish, vore, spitting, taboo roleplays – the only limit is one’s imagination! Since then, I have been producing Giantess content more regularly and I have no plans to stop any time soon. It is a fetish that I really get, and I really enjoy creating different videos within this niche. I am constantly coming up with weird and wonderful ideas for new Giantess clips – I do also take custom video orders, so if you have a specific Giantess idea in mind, I would love to hear it and try to make that become a reality for you. Use the contact page to hit me up with your ideas!

So that’s my journey to becoming a Giantess, but I’d like to add a little bit more about the fetish itself. It would appear from a cursory internet search that not a great deal of research has been conducted in this area, but it has a HUGE following on fetish forums and niche porn sites. So, it’s a very popular niche, but very little is known about it outside of its own bubble of die-hard fans. Wikipedia describes macrophilia as

Macrophilia is a fascination with or a sexual fantasy involving giants, more commonly expressed as giantesses (female giants). It is typically a male fantasy, with the male playing the “smaller” part—entering, being dominated, or being eaten by the larger woman. Others involve partners who naturally have a significant difference in size.”

I find this interesting for several reasons – firstly, this does seem to be a male-only fetish. I have never come across a woman who is into the notion of being shrunk down and tormented by a giant man. That’s not to say that they don’t exist, but I am curious to know why that might be. Perhaps some men who are into the idea of submitting to a powerful woman, simply like to exaggerate that by fantasizing that the woman is physically bigger and stronger and he has no choice in the matter – he is powerless. This feeling of powerlessness can be intoxicating for some; and, men being by and large very visual creatures, watching a video where the object of their desire is bigger than he is, only magnifies that woman’s power (and body parts!) in his eyes. I wonder if, for these guys, they can only really feel submission to a powerful woman if she is physically larger than he is – he can only submit, because he has no choice? I have certainly found that as my understanding of Femdom has grown (I am a Dominatrix by trade, Giantess fetish is just a part of my repertoire 😉), so has my understanding of this particular niche – in some ways it’s the ultimate fantasy, because it cannot happen in real life. I mean sure, there are plenty of gorgeous tall women out there in the world, but literal giantesses, unfortunately, do not exist.

I know that a lot of my “tiny” fans really enjoy my giantess videos that focus on my feet. Foot fetish is HUGE and has certainly been one of my main categories consistently over the years I have been creating content. This crossover allows my regular foot guys to see my feet blown up to an impressive size, as well as appealing to the tinies that find themselves in peril beneath them. This is another reason that I like Giantess fetish so much – I can tailor and tweak it to appeal to more than one audience, which means I can explore new creative ideas without alienating my existing client base.

I am always really intrigued to hear from fetishists about the roots of their interests – how did they find out that they are into this stuff? I would love to hear from some of you about how you got into this particular niche.

I upload one new Giantess video to my Clips4Sale store every month, on the first weekend of the month. Check out my existing Giantess clips here, and to see other beautiful Giantesses, check out Giantess Productions site here. Thanks for reading, and if you enjoyed this post, let me know!