Birthday Month Approaches…

Posted: June 26, 2018 in Tiffany

Hello boys, babes, bitches and everyone else!

For those of you that don’t know (and by now, you really ought to!) my birthday fall on the 8th of July. This year I am away over my birthday, in a luxury top secret location having some much deserved r&r. I will be spending 5 days chilling f*** out and recharging my batteries after what has been a really busy year so far.

As such I will be off the radar for much of that time, but don’t panic (or think that this is an excuse to let the occasion pass unmarked!) as you can still honour this momentous day in the usual ways.

Amazon vouchers can be sent to my usual email address which you should find at the top of the page

My wishlist can be found by clicking here

Tributes can be sent via my IWFC feed or IWC site

As I will be away from the 5th – 9th July you better get those gifts and tributes in before I go so I don’t miss them! However there is never a bad time to send me something so why not keep up the celebrations for the whole month of July?! After all, am I not worth it?!


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