Christmas Clear Out

Posted: November 22, 2017 in Tiffany

It’s high time I had a clear out and got rid of some of my stuff! A lot of my trash is treasure to some of you – perhaps you’ve been dreaming about a souvenir for a little while? Now’s your chance. Get yourself a little treat this festive season… here’s how:

A £10 Amazon gift voucher sent to gets you ONE dip in the bundle of your choice.


PP17 for a dip in the Pantie Pot,
SS17 for a dip in the Stockings Stash or
LL17 for a dip in the Lingerie Loot (bra and knickers together).

You will also need to include an address to send your items to, once I have confirmed receipt of your voucher.

All items selected at random from the respective bundles. You must also specify if you’d like it worn or unworn before posting!

This will continue until all the items are gone/the end of December 2017. You may participate as many times as you wish, but when it’s gone, it’s gone!

Be quick!

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