Posted: September 26, 2017 in Tiffany

You’ve heard of Stoptober, and Go Sober for October – but instead of quitting fags and booze, could YOU quit your cock…?!

If you’ve ever been interested in chastity, then perhaps you’d like to give this a go. A little game I have devised, and named: LOCKTOBER.

Here are the rules:

This weekend, have a go at Locktober. You will need a chastity device! Either send me a £10 Amazon voucher to tiffany-naylor@hotmail.co.uk or send me a £10 tribute via iWantClips/Clips4Sale to buy into the game. Send me a picture of yourself locked up in your device, either via email or on Twitter, which I will then print out and put on my Locked Up List. The winner is the one who can remain in the device for longest – ideally until Halloween! (31st October!) No wanking whatsoever!

Whoever manages to do a whole month will be the Chastity Champion!

You can buy out of your device at any time, (£100 tribute/voucher) but you will come off the leader board and end up on the Losers List for not being able to stay the distance. For shame!

You will need to keep in touch regularly to show me that you are still in chastity – whether this be on cam, or via selfies on Twitter. You can come and see me on cam any time during October for a check-in or tease and denial/edging session, but you cannot release yourself from your device until the end of the month without paying the get out tax of £100.

Fancy it?! Send your voucher and picture to me before midnight on Saturday 30th September 2017! Anyone wishing to play must be locked up and paid up by this time otherwise you will not be on the Locked Up List, or in the running to win the competition.

At the end of October I will publish the list of those who managed to do the whole month chaste, and also the Losers List – choose wisely to make sure you end up on the right one!

This is for newbies – for you seasoned professionals I am aware that a month is not a very long time to be chaste. Also, without me physically having your keys I am also aware that participants may be inclined to cheat – all I ask is if you wish to participate, please do so in the spirit in which it is intended and play by the rules – MY RULES!

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