Spring is springing…

Posted: March 12, 2017 in Tiffany

…as it hasn’t actually “sprung” yet, evidenced by the grey drizzle outside!

I trust that this blog post finds my readers well. I am writing to update you all a little as to what’s going on in my world at present.

Firstly, I am in the process of closing my dedicated findom clip store and adding all the content to my main clip store. This is for no other reason that maintaining one store is less work than maintaining two, and my time is very much taken up with many other things these days! So please bear this in mind if there are any blips or issues while this is going on – my content isn’t going anywhere, I’m simply relocating some of it, and I am still going to be producing clips of all genres for your pain/pleasure…

This leads me in nicely to my next point, which is about my upcoming filming days. My next major filming day is on March 24th in London and, as always, I am recruiting film slaves! The details can be found by clicking on the Filming tab above. I am off to a good start this year with my filming plans and am creating some fabulous content, and being a film slave is a great way to be a part of that! At this point I think it is worth mentioning that there are ways to be involved even if you can’t/don’t want to do so in person. I often get asked to produce film content wearing specific things, or using specific items. I am happy to do so, if I have these items – and if I don’t you can send them to me. Simply tell me what it is you would like to see (latex catsuit, sounding, whatever!) and I will add it to my Amazon wishlist for you to purchase and send to me to use in my videos.

As always, I am busy with sessions, webcam and college, which keeps me on my toes. It is not always easy to switch between my Mistress person and my college persona, much to my amusement at times.

So, that is where I am at for now. Session availability is on the Availability & Bookings tab, but other than that, you should all know where and how to find me by now!

Ciao for now


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