Season’s Greetings!

Posted: December 1, 2016 in Tiffany

Tis the season to be jolly – apparently – and so I am taking this opportunity to update you all on what’s going on in my world…

As of next year I will be focusing more on larger scale filming days than I will be on individual sessions. I am really pushing my filming schedule up a notch so I will dedicating more of my time to that, and all in entails, over private one to one sessions. I will still be taking session bookings but I will be putting my prices up as of January 1st in order to ensure that I only spend time with those who are serious and worthy of my time. So for your last chance to session with me at my current tribute, please head over to the Availability & Booking tab!

Filming days will be held at various locations, the details of which will be posted on here as soon as they are available. So keep an eye out to see if I will be coming to a location near you! You can get in touch for filming duties by using the same Availability & Booking tab.

Although it is listed on the Filming tab, I will just go over the rules for filming slaves once more:

1. ID & Model Release These WILL be required. No exceptions. You will need to provide at least one type of photo ID and be happy to sign a model release form in order for the content to be used. Masks may be worn if required.
2. Tribute Tributes for filming days vary depending on location and travel costs incurred by myself. This will be discussed prior to any arrangements being made. £200 for a two hour slot is about average.
3. Location I film a lot of My content at a studio in the Berkshire area, although I will be looking to film in lots of different locations over the next few months. Details will be given prior to arranging a filmed session.
4. Booking Please email Me before making arrangements. I have to make sure I can synchronise my diary, that of My cameraman and of course yours as well. I will require, once initial contact has been made, that you complete a booking form. This is so I can keep track of who I am filming with and when.

I will post the date and location of where I am going to be filming next on the Filming tab. I will also list the types of things I am looking to shoot. The more things you are up for filming the better, although if you have any special skills or talents do please let me know!

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