The Alphabutt Challenge

Posted: September 21, 2015 in Tiffany
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Here’s an interesting little blog post for you…

So one of my cam regulars is a sissy fag by the name of Debbie Jo. Debbie Jo is a naughty little slut who just loves shoving things up her slut c*nt! I decided to make things interesting by issuing her with a challenge – on the 1st September, I challenged the dirty Debster to find an object corresponding to every letter of the alphabet and stick it up her faggot fanny!

Well, what can I say?! The filthy minx rose to the challenge with gusto, and made it her mission to complete this challenge in record time – I originally gave her until the end of the year, but I clearly underestimated her hungry little whore hole and it’s yearning need to be filled, and she completed the challenge in 20 days!

The picture below details each item that met its end being slipped up her greedy little hole! YES, all these items very used and verified by me, and also by my partner in crime, Miss Petite, who was also a part of this devilish challenge.

EDIT: Here is Debbie Jo’s feedback from the Alphabutt Challenge!

I’d like to say a big thank you to both Miss Naylor and Miss Petite for coming up with the challenge, helping with suggestions for the objects and most of all for the fun had completing the challenge.

So well done Debbie Jo! If you think you can do better, come and see me on cam, show me what you’re made of…!

The Alphabutt

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