The Problem(s!) With Dating

Posted: June 8, 2015 in Tiffany

So, slightly off topic in terms of Femdom, but it has occurred to me recently that a lot of people use dating websites and apps nowadays. This is the way of the world now, chance encounters in public are not the only way to connect with people and on the whole, I think it’s a pretty good thing – I know several people who have met and then married people they met on dating websites.

However. There seem to be several cardinal sins that people commit on dating sites! Having used them myself in the past, I have spotted many irksome things that people seem to do on these sites, and have decided to list them here. I am sure that many people will agree with certain dating site faux pas that I mention, whereas some will only be specific to me – but here we go, have a giggle, enjoy!

1. Which one are you?! This pisses me off instantly – if every photo you put up is of you with several of your mates, and I have to try and work out which one you are, I can’t be bothered. It’s great you have loads of friends but I’d rather know from the off which one is talking to me.

2. Kids/Exes I lumped this one together because it seems to happen a lot. I am not a fan of children, so even if they’re not yours, photos of guys with kids will put me right off. I like the kids in my life but I have no desire to add any more! Similarly, why OH WHY would you put photos up of you with someone who is quite clearly your ex?! Still not over them huh? Don’t care if it’s the only decent picture of yourself, this is not going to do you any favours!

3. Your command of the English language Oh wow. This applies to most areas of life, not just dating sites, but if you cannot string a sentence together without using text speak, if you do not know the correct usage of there, their and they’re, or you cannot use punctuation correctly, it’s a no from me.

4. Habits If you’re smoking a joint or pissed out of your face in every photo, I’m not going to be interested. This one is very much personal preference, as I neither take drugs or indeed drink very often, so I’m not going to be interested in someone who does.

5. Dishonesty This is a quality I abhor in anyone, but if you have quite obviously lied about something on your profile – such as “Joe, 29” who I spotted online today, who was quite clearly a 14 year old boy (the school uniform completely gave the game away dude) – then how do you expect anyone to ever take you seriously?!

6. Dick pics JUST NO. EVER.

Do feel free to make any suggestions to add to my list – I will probably think of several additions once this is posted!

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