The Imminent Arrival of My 30th Birthday

Posted: April 22, 2015 in Tiffany

Yes, you read that right – I will be turning 30 this year. On Wednesday the 8th of July, in fact.

I know, I barely look anywhere 30 years old, right?! Or so I am told on an alarmingly regular basis – not least when I get asked for ID in the shop for cigarettes (which, by the by, I am hoping to have given up before the big day). I certainly do not feel 30. I imagined 30 feeling a lot more conservative and sensible. Which are words I would not use to describe myself!

I am the same age as both Neighbours and Eastenders – both of those shows started in 1985. The Sultan of Brunei bought the Dorchester Hotel, and Mohammed Al Fayed bought Harrods. Live Aid happened, and at around 4pm on Monday the 8th of July I was born. An interesting year – more facts about 1985 here.

Back when 30 seemed a long way off, I imagined my life would be very different when I turned 30 to how it is now. But I would not change it for the world! I have seen and done a lot of wonderful and exciting things, met some amazing people (met some bloody awful people too!), been through some ups and downs and, I feel, thoroughly “lived” life.

And this is just the beginning…!

As previously stated, my birthday falls on a Wednesday this year, so I am planning a small get together with my closest friends at the weekend. I may make plans – or have them made for me! – on the actual day itself. But I may just have my Adultwork phone turned on for any of you wanting to wish me a Happy Birthday personally. I will also be sending out handwritten thank you notes, complete with a signed photo, to those lovely souls who send me presents on my birthday! I am very lucky to have some very loyal and lovely supporters who have always sent me a little gift on my birthday and I do truly love and appreciate the thought that goes into these gifts. If you would like to send me something to mark the passing of my time on this mortal coil, then you can do so by clicking here.

Anyway, there are still a few months left of my twenties and I plan to utilise them – no sense on dwelling what is yet to come!

ADDENDUM: A very kind admirer of mine bought me a beautiful pair of Louboutin heels, and requested that I set up a wishlist on their site se he may purchase a very special present for my very special birthday. Should you wish to follow suit, the way to my heart can be found by following this link and clicking “BUY” on any of the items listed! 😉

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