Punters – Part 3

Posted: April 10, 2014 in Punters
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I am getting such a good response to my Punters series of blog posts! Better keep the crowds happy, then – here is number three!
I am going to call this guy MJ as he has asked to be anonymous. (NB: not his actual initials)
The very first question I asked was about MJ’s adult service habits – which ones does he use, how long for, and why! This is what he said…

I use webcams a lot – at least once a day if only to pop in and say Hi to the girls I am in regular cam contact with. I use phone chats fairly regularly but due to making huge £1000 plus phone bills a few months running this has been cut down dramatically . I do go to a lapdance club but this is mainly because the girl I am currently involved with works there.
Ok why do I use them? It’s fairly simple – in real life face to face meets with women I am crap , I can’t tell if a lady likes me or not so to be able to see a beautiful girl on the telly and know it’s her I am chatting to makes me comfortable. Plus the girls on screen are unobtainable, they are never going to be sat in a bar face to face with me so I feel I can be open and honest. I have in more recent years found the web-camming a great source of finding ladies who like my kinks to talk to.

Interesting answer! MJ has been using these phone chat channels and sites since his early twenties – although he did not say how old he is now, so I am going out on a limb and assuming that this constitutes quite a long time!
So MJ, how do you view the ladies you like to interact with?

In my opinion, I see the women in porn as people – one of my bestest buddies does webcam, phonechat and dominatrix stuff. I first met her on webcam years ago and she was real, she was human I could have a chat with her and shes a lovely lady. I have always had a respect for the ladies who do this work. I may be cheeky I may get a little horny but I never degrade or be openly nasty to any of them, most of the girls I have spoken to all seem to think I am lovely so I must be at least doing something right.

So it would appear from MJ’s answer, and indeed those of the other fellas I have spoken to, that they can actually distinguish between a fantasy figure and a real person – something that the antis like to refute with great gusto. This ties in nicely to my next question, which was about whether these “virtual” relationships interfere with his “real” relationships –

I have no real personal relationships due to my lack of confidence. I am pretty much single so to be fair my relationships with the ladies I phone or webcam with are my most real ones.

I don’t think you can call a relationship with a camgirl or phone chat host not real – if you’re interacting regularly with someone, of course you get to know them! Lots of my regular callers and cammers do genuinely care and I care about them too – it’s not like a boyfriend/girlfriend relationship, but it is definitely a friendship!
I then asked MJ who some of his favourites were – I appreciate this is a hard question, especially when you speak to a lot of girls a lot of the time! But MJ managed to narrow it down to five…

Miss AmberLeigh .
Beth from Babestation adorable little Kiwi .
Brookelynne Briar beautiful Canadian lady who is so sweet .
Alex Adams now retired from the shows but lovely little blonde nutcase .
October Summers and MFC cam girl who is so adorable .
For any ladies who cam this isn’t an exhaustive list and depending on what your into you may get added !!

Hear that ladies?! MJ’s top five could be expanded if you hit the right buttons for this lovely chap!
I then went on to discuss whether, for MJ, a real time meet is preferable to one over the phone or webcam…

I have only had one proper real time meeting with a very lovely lady who fulfilled a long lived fantasy of mine (and hers) and it was amazing! I was nervous as hell but she made me feel at ease and I loved every minute, the practicality of it is the webcams allow me easier and cheaper access to the things I like. My kink isn’t appreciated by all so finding ladies willing to play face to face can be difficult.

Oooh, I am interested to hear what this “kink” is – but MJ did not elaborate so I shall only guess for now! 😉
A final message from MJ – and although he has claimed anonymity, I’m sure that the girls who know him will be able to tell who it is!

I would like to say in the many years I have used the phonechats and Cams it has been rare to find any lady to be anything but professional you ladies that do talk to me regularly know who you are and I love you all to bits . I have along the way made a really good friend who I adore and care about heaps and as long as I can afford to keep talking camming and finding ladies willing I shall help to keep the industry afloat.

What a lovely chap! I do hope that you find your way into my chatroom soon, MJ, you all know I love an interesting fetish!!! Thank you for contributing to the blog, I hope that people take note of your words and realise that not all men who use adult oriented services are horrible old pervs – I can assure you, they are not!

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