Punters – Part 2

Posted: April 9, 2014 in Punters
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Well I do hope you enjoyed the last post – I must say, I do feel very touched when people agree to help me out with my little blog, especially those who wish to remain anonymous – they are trusting me with some very personal and private things, and I feel very humble to think that these people – some of whom are complete strangers – trust me enough to share this!
Anywho, before I get too sentimental, I thought I would continue. This next post is brought to you courtesy of a chap called Wayne. Wayne has been using escorts for many years now, and has also dabbled in webcam activities and the odd visit to a strip club or two. An enthusiastic punter, Wayne started availing himself of the many wonderful pleasures of the flesh as soon as he turned 18! No hanging about for this chap! His very first punt was in a London walk up (for those of you unfamiliar with the term – literally, an open door down a backstreet, typically somewhere like Soho, leading to stairs, which would prompt you to “walk up” them!) and that, as they say, is history!
Again, having been a regular gentleman caller for a long time, Wayne has come to realise that working girls are real people too!

I see ladies working in the industry as women making a living, they provide a service that i enjoy and don’t mind paying to use. I have seen a few ladies on more than one occasion, one becoming very close to them. Have even been out on a dog walk with one before sexual services.

Ah, nothing like a brisk walk of the hound to whet one’s sexual appetite huh?! I can understand how it’s very easy to view people in the context of their job – and sex work is not exempt from that. However it’s also just as easy to remember that we are all human, we all have feelings, and, yes, sometimes, we have to walk the dog before we get on with work!
I asked Wayne if he thought his use of adult services affected his personal relationships at all. He answered me with this:

I was single for a long time, I worked nights so having a relationship was very hard. Once I was in one, I stopped seeing ladies but still watched the odd webcam show. In between relationships, I saw escorts as saw it as an easy way to get sex! I could pick a lady and give them a call.

Well that is true, the beauty of sex work has to be the convenience, surely?! A simple and easy transaction whereby everyone is satisfied. I asked Wayne if he had any favourites, initially meaning babeshow hosts or cam girls. Due to my not having made this clear, Wayne answered that although he had A LOT of favourites, his real preference was for porn star escorts. I have heard from lots of people, on both sides of the transaction, that some people like to meet escorts who have been pornstars, or still are. I suppose it’s the porn equivalent to meeting Johnny Depp or Scarlett Johanssen or someone that you’ve lusted after in a movie for years, and then you get to bone them! Winner! Now if only Captain America was offering his services for a fee…!!! Wayne then went on to say that he had actually met two of his favourite pornstars for escort meets several times. Lucky Wayne!
Despite not being able to beat the real thing, Wayne says that he probably now uses webcam more often, as he finds this most convenient. When asked if there was anything else he would like to add to this blog post, all he said was, “please don’t think I’m a pervert!”
I don’t think you’re a pervert at all dear; there is nothing wrong with a healthy interest in sex and sexual outlets!

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