Punters – Part 1

Posted: April 8, 2014 in Punters
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Hello there filth fans! I hope you haven’t missed my blog posts too much – always bloody busy, me! I also hope you have been enjoying my new website?! It’s now been up for a week – there’s a rather marvellous update this week featuring Mr Naylor, so go check it out! http://www.tiffnaylor.com
Anywho, I haven’t forgotten about several lovely gentlemen who got in touch with me a while back to answer my questions about being service users in the adult industry. So here we go boys and girls with the first in my current little mini series about the punters – without whom we would all be out of a job! We salute you, wankers! (literal wankers, that wasn’t an insult).
The first person I am going to write about is Burns! Any girl who’s done the babe channels in the UK will be familiar with him – and indeed a few of the other chaps who contributed! Burns has been a fan of the babeshows for the last 10-15 years – now that’s some serious dedication to debauchery! He says he has used webcams a little bit, but his first love is phone chat! In particular he likes to indulge in the delights showcased on BS Unleashed, ChatgirlTVX, Babestation, XpandedTV and Streamate. A good mixture of TV, webshows and webcams there. A connoisseur of the chat channels, perhaps Burns?!
Having been around for such a long time, and indeed calling the shows, Burns has got to know quite a few of the ladies on something more of a personal level than perhaps your opportunistic or sporadic caller

I see them as real people and have got to know a few of them and met them, also follow them on social media sites but do know some guys on the sites just see the girls as objects

If you call the girls that often, you’re sure to trike up more than a polite rapport with them! It’s nice to know that the die hard wankers out there appreciate that the girls are more than a pretty package. So which girls does Burns like to titillate himself telephonically to?!

Raegan Sidley, Jess Lloyd, Jaye Rose, Tindra Frost, Kate Santoro, past favourite Bonnie Lee and too many others to mention including the author of this blog

Well good grief Burns you do make me blush!! A nice variety of lovely ladies there. Is it possible that having such an interest in the babeshow babes may have an effect on your personal life?

Yes I find I talk more about the girls to friends rather than any real situations, plus seem to stay in to log in later rather than go out and socialise

Well hey, the girls are real, and your calls are real, so don’t let anyone tell you it’s not real life, Burnsy! It’s always nice to see your name pop up on the chatbox!
So there you go, a little insight into the mind of a babeshow caller! A lot of people don’t think that the shows are real, or the calls are all fake, so Burns is living proof that this is not the case. Coming up are more contributions from “service users” (so clinical, but more polite than “wankers”, n’est pas?!) in particular, those who like to visit escorts, dommes and webcammers!

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