Let’s Hear It From The Boys! Part 3 – @seanadamsmodel

Posted: March 26, 2014 in Challenging Prejudice, Male Sex Workers
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Well bloody hell I haven’t blogged in ages! ChatGirlTVX has been keeping me very busy indeed! But never fear dear readers, and thank the curse of insomnia, as I am up and continuing my thread on males in the industry for you. Today we have part 3 of my Let’s Hear It From The Boys series, and I bring you – Sean Adams.(@seanadamsmodel)
I happened across Sean’s Adultwork profile when looking for people to interview. He was the only one I found that had LOADS of feedback (in my very quick search – I’m sure there are lots of other male escorts out there with great feedback!) so this stood out to me and I dropped him an email asking if he would like to contribute to my little blog here. And lucky for us, he did!
Sean describes himself as “an independent male escort, web cam performer, porn performer” and has appeared in both amateur and professional TV channels and productions. He’s been in the jizz biz since late 2006 so is no stranger to how it all works.
I asked him how he thinks people’s reactions differ to male and female sex workers…

I find from my experiences that the majority of people’s attitudes towards the adult industry is that males are referred to as “studs” or “gigolos”, females as “sluts” or “whores”. The same tends to be true of society in general. If a guy meets a girl one Saturday night in a club and takes her home, it is usually just the female who is frowned upon. However, these are not views that I share within the industry nor society in general.

A very good point. Males seem to get hailed as heroes if they fuck for a living, whereas women are shamed and pitied. Ridiculous, huh?! In my experience, no one is in the business for any reason other than they ENJOY IT! It would seem that Sean thinks the same way…

Firstly, from my experiences, everybody who I have met in the industry are in it because they want to be. People who object to porn/sex work would clearly never work in it for whatever reasons they have and so usually cannot understand why we do it, instantly assuming we are all looking to feed an addiction or as therapy to mask some form of abuse in our pasts. This is far from the truth. I love the attention and being watched having sex turns me on immensely, whether that be on a porn set, hearing from guys who were getting off watching my amateur or professional work, or even a “cuckold” husband watching as I take his wife right there in front of him!

So, come on then Sean, it can’t all be amazing, right?! What’re the pros and cons, in your view?

From my experiences, the pros do out weigh the cons, although some can be more difficult to deal with than others. Pros include the extravagant lifestyle that male escorting especially can bring. With most of my clients being couples (I have only ever met two females on bookings – one an ex-escort and the other a friend of an escort!) the guy will often want to impress his female partner by booking lavish hotel suits with champagne on ice and a hot tub in the room as opposed to a budget hotel off the M1, although there have been a few of those too! Often sat next to the champagne on the table is a pile of crisp cash, my reward for bringing this private and intimate evening to the couple’s life. I have also met some amazing people, whether they be clients, other escorts, porn performers, videographers or photographers. One regular couple even wanted me to join them for part of their annual two week holiday at a private Mediterranean villa for an all expenses and fees paid fun time together, but unfortunately we just could not all be free for the same dates. It’s literally like living two lives – and I love it! Of course, the cash from escorting or the sales of movie clips and occasional paid porn scene is very nice too!
The cons are the restrictions that I can put on my body and mind. I aim to leave two to three days between bookings to ensure both my body and mind are fully refreshed, which does mean having to turn down many bookings from regular and new clients. Anything more often than that and performance can begin to suffer, whether it be mentally or physically. And it’s the same for any guy any age. I also feel that the clients respect me for that too. If I was leaving one appointment to go to another, my service would not be good and I would likely never see either couple again! So guys will find it hard to make a full time living out of the adult industry without something giving way – either on a porn set, escort booking or in his personal life. It is also very difficult to have a relationship when working as a porn performer/escort. It would take a very understanding partner from outside of the industry to accept this lifestyle, or the other option would be deceitful and keep it from them. I therefor choose to remain single, as dating somebody within the industry would, for me, open up a whole host of other problems.

See, guys?! It’s not all champagne and wall to wall pussy for a male escort! It’s hard work and requires a sensible head – which Sean does indeed have! As with any type of job, it does affect your life in more ways than just bringing home the bacon.
There are bad things about the job, as with any job – which Sean outlines in his next response…

As far as bad experiences are concerned, they have been very few and far between, the most notable being when a married couple arrived at my house for an in call escort booking and the female was so obviously being pushed into the meeting, We went ahead and did the deed, but she was very tense and did not want to undress. In hindsight I should have, and now would under the same circumstances, stopped things before they progressed. I have since heard from the guy asking to meet with me and his new girlfriend, so possibly that meeting was part of what helped terminate a failing relationship, so maybe I did her a favour in that respect after all! Also, in the porn industry guys can be treated like mindless pieces of meat with unnecessary pressures put on them by videographers/directors. Being told “you need to cum in 30 seconds” with no prior warning can have the complete opposite effect of what they want to achieve. A bit more TLC offered to the guys may result in them being able to produce much better scenes than some of the dross that is out there.

Sean’s final response, to the question “what do you like/dislike about your job?” is similar to one of my earlier contributors – remember Mystery Contributor X? She felt she had to keep this side of her life secret from her “vanilla” cohorts, on account of the undoubted reaction it would cause…

The thing I really dislike about working in the adult industry is having to keep it to myself and not letting my family and friends know what I do, as society does paint a very poor picture of the whole scene. I feel I have to protect them from people knowing that their son/brother/father/friend/etc etc is in the adult industry. A real shame in fact, as most of the people I know in the industry would get on with my friends and family really well.

A real shame indeed. When will people realise that sex work, is still just work?! It’s not a revolting, sinful, disgusting way of life, just a different one. Yes of course there are bad parts to it, but aren’t there in every occupation?! Such as government, the police, the banks…?! I digress, yet again. But Sean raised some very good points, as have all of the wonderful people who have contributed to my blog so far, and these points deserve attention and consideration! It’s all very well making judgements and making a career out of trying to ban porn and prostitution (*COUGH* Gail Dines & Co *COUGH*) but without having actually spoken to sex workers who, God forbid, like their job?! Come on now…
I cannot stay on track tonight haha! A very big thank you to Sean, for answering my questions and lending us a little further insight into his world. Go follow him on Twitter!

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