Let’s Hear It From The Boys! Part 1 – @RyanRyderxxx

Posted: March 4, 2014 in Male Sex Workers
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Hello there lovely blog readers! My sincerest apologies for the lack of recent blog posts – I’ve been busy!
Anyway, whilst thinking what to write about next, I realised that people very rarely seem to discuss males in the adult industry – either those working within it, or those that use adult oriented services. And thus, my latest feature was born! People seems to focus solely on the women in the sex industry and I thought it would be good to focus on the boys for a change.
Today’s blog post comes courtesy of the lovely Ryan Ryder (@RyanRyderxxx). Ryan has been working n the industry for about a year and a half, as a male porn performer. An actor in a previous life, he has performed in many adult movies for most of the big companies out there – Playboy, Brazzers, Joybear, Dorcel, Killergram, Harmony…the list goes on. So obviously I was delighted when he agreed to contribute to my blog!
I am trying to get a different angle on those that work in the porn industry, so I asked Ryan if he thought men were treated differently to women, as performers…

Not really, apart from the fact men dont get paid as much as women! I have been treated with respect by the companies I have worked for but I have set myself out from the start to only work with the reputable companies so that has probably worked for me

Following on from this, I was interested to know if he felt “objectified” as a porn stud, seeing as this seems to be the main argument from the antis in their crusade against sexual entertainment. Interestingly, this isn’t something that seems to bother Ryan so much!

It depends on the type of shoot really. There are certain shoots that people might argue objectifies women but it cannot be argued that people get turned on by different thing so our industry caters for it. If it didn’t sell we wouldn’t film it! I am definitely objectified on some shoots but I don’t mind that. Those are the shoots that I just have to walk into shot with a hard on and you just see my penis throughout the entire scene so yes, I am objectified as “the penis” in those shoots! In others I have been featured as an actor in full on feature films with lots of script. I tend to enjoy those the best as I have come from a previous career as an actor.

People are always misconstruing the glamour and excitement of the porn industry – the reality of it is very different! When asked of the pros and cons of his job, Ryan says…

The pros and cons are prob similar to the girls…Pros – every day is different, the money is good, you don’t have to work every day if you don’t want to, I am in control of what shoots I perform in and you meet a lot of fun, interesting people. Cons – a LOT of driving, you don’t have any pensions or insurance or anything like that so you have to be sensible and sort out your own future while in this industry, if I break my leg at football this weekend I wont be able to earn until I am back performing which is why I am looking at getting involved in directing and producing and script writing this year as well as the performing side.

He then went on to discuss the downside – if you think about it, despite being paid less than the girls, guys in porn actually have a much harder job (in my humble opinion!)

Of course every guy in the industry (whether they wanna admit it or not lol) has had a day where for whatever reason you struggle to keep hard throughout the shoot. When I first started out it was at the forefront of my thoughts “I must keep my cock hard” it dominated my thoughts and throughout the day I would be playing with the bloody thing 2 hours before the cameras were rolling to make sure I could get it hard! I soon learned that you almost have to do the opposite which is relax, don’t worry about getting hard, trust that you are a good performer and that things will happen naturally when that time comes. I am so much more relaxed at shoots now and as a result my days are a lot less stressful.

So there you go guys, if you’re thinking of getting into porn, it’s not as easy as it looks!
A final word from Ryan:

Frequent masturbation cuts your risk of prostate cancer so bash away and enjoy the porn especially the scenes with me in them!
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Many thanks Ryan for your honesty and for featuring on this week’s blog! More to come from the punters – who uses escorts, watches porn, calls chat lines and goes on webcam, why, and what they feel about it all! #LetsHearItFromTheBoys

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