#NotJustAPrettyFace…Part 6 Mystery Contributor X!

Posted: February 19, 2014 in Challenging Prejudice

Well gang I did promise you another mystery contributor today, didn’t I?! So here it is. This little lovely is a cam girl, but again I don’t know much else other than what she has very kindly agreed to tell me!
Not only is she a webcam whizz, she also likes to indulge in phone chat, too – but get this boys and girls, Mystery Lady X also has a 2:1 in BA Fashion! Prior to this she had studied a Fine Art BTEC Foundation degree, which earned her a distinction. So not only is she a professional potty mouth she’s also super clever and creative too!
Mystery Lady X actually went and worked in the fashion industry upon graduating from uni, for five years before getting into webcam work. However, when a friend told her about webcam work, things changed…

…I had a lot of fun on my first few nights on my shitty laptop and ancient webcam and made more money in 4 nights then I did in a week in my current job and really enjoyed myself. Thought it must have been a fluke what I made, but tried it again. Two weeks later I handed my notice in at my fashion job and I’m still Camming, and now funding a long travelling trip, which I could never have afforded to do before and then have hopes to be able to fund a Fetish/Erotic clothing company in the future.

Mystery Lady X commented that she sometimes feels that she has to lie or be evasive about her job when meeting new people – and sometimes the people who have the least favourable reaction to her job is actually other girls, whereas guys seem a little intimidated by it…

It’s a mixture. I do always feel like I need to defend myself or make up lies when meeting new people if they ask what I do. It’s mainly other girls, as we can be bitches, who judge me. Some are like, oh wow tell me what the guys do etc, asking for funny stories, while others turn their noses up and think I’m a slag. So I have learnt not to be so open when meeting new people, unless I get to know them a bit first. I tend to have fun making up what I do for a living. My bikini waxer thinks I am a make up artist and my manicurist thinks I am a model. (which I kinda do include in my webcamming) I know its lying but its fun playing different characters! Men always make jokes or if they are my boyfriends friends they act a bit nervous around me at first thinking I am some kind of pornstar when really I am far from it! But when they get to know me they are cool about it and don’t even mention it.

I too have experienced this and make up jobs for myself – either jobs I have already done (I told people at my friend’s wedding I worked in the court service) or made up ones – I told someone I worked at the zoo once!
I’ve often been met with disappointed looks when I tell people I have a degree, but work in this industry. Mystery Lady X also has experienced this:

People are surprised when I tell them I have a degree, worked in that field I studied and got the t-shirt etc, yes. A few do get a bit like, what the fuck, when I tell them how I handed in my notice to become a webcam girl which I guess is a bit out there to some. I have told a couple of trusted regular punter who were pleased to hear about my qualifications and said well done to me. Some see it as a waste which is hard to agree as I have actually worked in the industry studied but they think I have failed somehow cos I now ‘take my clothes of for a living,’ which is a misconception cos I do a lot more than that.

I often say I wish I had found webcamming whilst I was at uni – it would have saved me a whole lot of grief financially. It seems I am not the only one!

I wish I had found out about webcamming while I was at uni. I would have used it to fund myself whilst at uni instead of still having the debt hanging over my head now. But I’ve studied the degree I had always wanted since school and even worked in the industry with a lot of hard work, so have done what I wanted, now I’m having fun. Working the hours I want, being who I have always been, An exhibitionist but I still sit and make and sew things only now they are exclusive for my punters on cam! And using my webcamming to fund ventures in my future.

So it seems I have a lot in common with Mystery Lady X! Degree educated webcammers who love the freedom our unconventional careers affords us. Heaven forbid we change career direction and do a job we love, eh?!

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