#NotJustAPrettyFace…Part 5 @johntisbury

Posted: February 19, 2014 in Challenging Prejudice
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This again is a slightly different angle for my continuing piece on educated porn professionals, but an interesting and valid one all the same. Super talented photographer and producer John Tisbury (@johntisbury, @Erotica_babes) has offered us his views on perceptions and attitudes to adult oriented work, empowering women, and of course his education!
John owns and runs http://www.erotica-babes.com as well as being a producer. John is what I like to call, a proper photographer. He is a fellow of the Royal Photographic Society, and has even won an award for Erotic Artist of the Year 2010! His photography is utterly beautiful, and he has very kindly even sent me some images to attach to this piece! He studied BSc Science at university, graduating with a 2:1 – not to be sniffed at! Interestingly, John said that he feels his Science degree has actually helped him in his work (who’d have though it, eh?!)…

the degree covered some very useful subject areas from marketing through to systems practice. Many of the themes and subject areas drop into my day-to-day work so I’ve found the education rewarding and useful as I’ve been able to put the theory into practise.

As a photographer, John doesn’t really encounter prejudices or negative responses to what he does – in fact, it would seem to be quite the opposite!

…in the last 2 years I decided to shoot more explicit stills and video content under a new brand Erotica-Babes.com. I feel people are more open talking about nudity, certainly the rise in interest in the boudoir market has helped to convince many people to have some risqué images of themselves taken by a professional photographer, for their partner or lover. I find many woman love my work as they see the beauty, the art, the creativity in my work. Most of the men have a more testosterone fuelled response to my work. However, both are customers and they buy my work because they like it, whatever their underlying motivations.

And if you check out the following images, you will see just why women love John’s work – myself included! I would love to gt in front of his lens sometime!

Photos by John Tisbury - thank you!

Photos by John Tisbury – thank you!




I love being creative and original with my work, I try and push boundaries and making people think about nudity. I aim to portray that nudity can be sexy, strong, erotic and provocative. I like to shoot my art photography and the more explicit work with the same approach; quality over quantity with careful consideration to lighting, concept and theme. If I can make people think about the images I produce then for me I’ve achieved something. John Tisbury, 2014

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