#NotJustAPrettyFace…Part 4 – Mystery Contributor Z!

Posted: February 19, 2014 in Challenging Prejudice
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Morning all!
I am so pleased with the feedback my last few posts have got. Such is the level of response, I am carrying on this theme for the next day or so! It just goes to show, that you really cannot judge a book by it’s cover, nor a person by their job!
Today’s first #NotJustAPrettyFace comes from an anonymous contributor. I do not know anything about this person other than what is written in their answers, but I can tell you, that she’s a lady! Mystery Contributor Z is a part time escort, working through an agency. The reason for only being part time is that she actually works full time as a Communications Manager, which she studied for via Distance Learning whilst raising her children. Her degree is in Leadership & Management, so she is not a shrinking violet, oh no! Studying for a degree is hard enough at the best f times, let alone whilst raising a family, so this is a very clever and determined lady indeed!
When I asked her how she get into the escorting, this was her reply:

My hubby and I have always had an open minded relationship and we started introducing others into our relationship as part of our social activities. After a while we thought “hey, we could make some cash out of this and have fun too” so I started ‘working’ a few evenings a week when the kids were away for the night. But, I never wanted this work to be my main source of income, that would take the fun out of it for me.

Again, like my last post, Mystery Lady Z keeps her “adult” and “vanilla” lives very separate, for several reasons, not least on account of having a family but also because she is all too aware of how such things are perceived by others:

People at my ‘normal’ job have no idea that I do what I do in my spare time and I prefer it that way. I have a professional image which would be ruined by prejudice in the workplace if they knew. So sad really.
Clients are often surprised to hear I have a normal job and a degree, I’m honest with them and I tell them that I do this work for fun and to top up my handbag/shoe fund which is what I blow the money on most weeks :-).
I love what I do, my hubby loves what I do, I like to think my clients love what I do and that’s what makes me happy in life – along with my kids of course (who are completely and blissfully unaware of my work when they are at grannies house)

I know a lot of escorts and porn performers that have husbands and families. I think people’s initial reactions to this are – “oh my God, thats terrible” – but why? As Mystery Lady Z has just said, she’s happy, hubby is happy, and her children are looked after and well cared for – and enjoying happy parents, which is seriously underrated in my opinion! But because of people’s prejudices and ignorance, she feels that she has to keep this part of her life shrouded in secrecy, so much so that she didn’t want to lend her name to this piece. It’s very sad that people can make such snap judgements based on, what I think, absolutely bloody nothing other than societal and media propaganda. So I want to say an extra especial thanks to Mystery Lady Z, for letting us have a sneak peek into her otherwise very secret world!
Gone off topic with the degree thing there, but my mind likes to wander! Part 5 will be coming up shortly from a photographer/producer, and Part 6 is another Mystery Lady! Don’t miss it!

  1. bigd1957 says:

    Getting a college degree is a great way to figure out what path you want to follow in your life, but worth little more than that, at least to me. I’m retired from manufacturing and I have an AA in Technical Writing. I remember being astounded to learn that one of my fellow factory workers was on the edge of receiving his Ph. D and still on the fence about completing the thing, mainly because he would feel obligated to go work in the field. The true key to life is to figure out what makes you happy and go do that, because it’s your life and you are responsible for your own happiness.


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