#NotJustAPrettyFace… Part 3 – @MrSamClarkson

Posted: February 18, 2014 in Challenging Prejudice
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Part 3 of my little mini-series on adult workers with university qualifications (I might make this a week long feature, such is the level of response I’ve had!) brings you one Mr Sam Clarkson! (@MrSamClarkson)

Sam is a very rare breed of gentleman, in that he is a male webcammer. These creatures are few and far between, (an idea for a later blog feature, perhaps?!) so it was great when he offered to contribute to what I was banging on about today.

Mr Clarkson is also a university graduate, having studied architecture. He began webcamming whilst at university, as this kind of work is so flexible! You can webcam whenever you like and the only one moaning t you about work is you! No horrible boss trying to make you come in when you have an important lecture or seminar to attend. (I wish I had discovered webcam work when I was at uni!)

Although Sam originally expected he would leave the webcam work behind upon completion of his studies, he actually still keeps it up regularly alongside his day job. A real life Peter Parker, of sorts…kinda…a dual life anyway! I like hearing about people who have a “vanilla” job but then also a totally different alter ego in the adult world, it fascinates me!

Sam really does keep the two sides very separate – for good reason!

I don’t encounter prejudice – My camming job and my day job are very separate. In fact both sides are pretty much a secret from each other. No day job folks know I cam. And very few camming folks know I have a day job.
However, I do things this way to avoid expected prejudice!

He also commented that although people on webcam are often surprised to learn he is university educated, students are often not surprised at his line of work – and it’s apparently more common than I thought!

People are always surprised when they learn I’m educated AND work on cam. Especially if they’ve seen my Adultwork profile. They get a very different sense of the person I might be from only reading that page. However the other way around… Students are not so surprised about the camming line of work. I know quite a number that have done it or tried it whilst at uni.

So there you go, dear readers, another very different perspective on working in the adult industry from another degree level educated individual! Part 4 will be on it’s way, from an anonymous contributor…oooh, I love a bit of mystery, me!

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