#NotJustAPrettyFace…Part 2 – @mynakedhandyman

Posted: February 18, 2014 in Challenging Prejudice
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Here’s part 2 of my exploration of adult workers with degrees and an education! Yes, the two can co-exist hand in hand, you don’t need to be a dumbass to get naked for a living, contrary to popular belief!

“Adult worker” can cover many different occupations, although the dictionary defines this term as a polite term for prostitution. Webcam model, phone sex operator, dancer, porn star, escort…or, a naked handyman!

@mynakedhandyman very kindly agreed to answer some questions for me in my quest to show the nay-sayers that not everyone who is nude at work is an illiterate, uneducated fool, as society at large would have us believe. As his Twitter handle may suggest, Andy is a naked handyman! He gets paid to do work for both couples and singles, whilst totally in the buff. He will also include some little added extras, if they so desire!

Andy is super clever – he already has a degree in English, and is now currently studying again for his Masters in Marketing and PR, with a view to starting his own PR agency some day. He began his foray into all things naked during his first spell at university, working as a stripper and a life model. As with so many graduates – myself included – after university he was struggling with debts and did various jobs to get by, but found out that he could get paid handsomely for doing people’s odd jobs and cleaning whilst starkers! In fact, he liked it so much, that he still does it to this day!

When I asked Andy if he has ever encountered any prejudice or negative responses to what he does, he said:

Not that many people know I do what I do but anyone who has found out has generally been supportive. The males think it’s a great idea and the women are quite often very curious!

Andy made a very good point about perception when I went to ask if people are surprised or shocked when they find out he is studying at university:

I’ve not had that many people be surprised when I tell them I’m back studying. I’ve always been relatively keen on education and I’m well spoken so people often think I’m more intelligent that I am! Sadly, the power of an accent nowadays can mask anything – it’s all about image. This is why I’m very keen on getting into PR – it’s all about people’s perception.

Andy’s final words on the subect remind me of careers day at school – and I wish I had paid more attention back then!

If anyone out there wants to study – go for it. It’s never too late and there’s never anything that’s not worthwhile studying – if it interests you, then you’ll find it both challenging and rewarding.

So there you go, guys – you CAN study at Masters level AND get yer kit off for a living! Stigmas are attached by people – and can be removed by them, too. Open up your mind – your brains won’t fall out, and something nice might just fall in…Part 3 coming up!

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