Valentine’s Day

Posted: February 14, 2014 in Love

Happy Valentine’s Day everybody!

Mr Naylor and I are postponing Valentine’s Day this year, and we are actually going to go out for our romantic dinner on 14th March instead. I don’t like buying into these forced displays of affection, and being made to feel under pressure to spend money just to show someone how much you love them. Love can’t be bought! I’d much rather enjoy the little things every day that show how he feels about me than receive a great big bunch of flowers that will eventually wither and die. I’d rather we had food in the fridge and a roof over our heads than spend a fortune on cards and presents that are ultimately hollow meaningless gestures that we have been convinced we need to make. Love isn’t something you have to prove. It’s something you do. Every day. Whether it’s looking after your partner when they’re poorly, or reassuring them when they are sad, or putting the heating on when you go out so the place is warm when they get home before you. Love is something that shouldn’t be dictated by social convention and card manufacturers!

The other night at work I noticed a homeless man sitting outside – the night the first big storm hit. Granted, at least we weren’t on the coast, but it was fucking freezing and I just could not bring myself to ignore him – another thing we are taught to do by society. Ignore those in need as they probably brought it on themselves. Well. What a species we are.

I ended up making him a huge cup of tea in a McDonald’s cup, with a lid on so it would stay warm for a little longer. I took it down to him and the gratitude in his eyes made me want to cry! It was only a cup of tea but I couldn’t stand to think of another human being having nowhere to go and freezing cold on the street. A small gesture of love towards my fellow man that cost me nothing, but meant a great deal to him.

Now that’s love.



  1. I ɑm following this blog for awhile and itt always delivers.
    I really ɦope to reaԀ more posts like your previous one.


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